Release Mupen64Plus new version runs Zelda OOT and much more !!

Arrgh!!.. every time a see a new post in this thread, i'm praying that it's some news that Ari, Adventus etc.. have managed to work some voodoo & bestow upon us a major speed/compatibility improvement.. FECK!! So frustrating!


Err.. double FECK!, just dawned on me me that i have contributed to my own (and other people's) frustrations.. Bugger!!, never mind.. OOT 3D on friday YAY!
Not sure if it's the voodoo you want, but we have a beta version here:

That has some more recent improvements from bzfrank(auto frameskip) and I bundled PickleLauncher support.
I've just played to the first stone. Yesterday the game lost all its fun when i came to the cathedral of time in Hyrule and once again no textures were shown, just the blank 3D-Models. The cathedral was always a very nice sight and when i saw this "preproducted" piece of landscape i didn't want to know if the same thing might happen in the castle :(

Anyone else has this textureproblems?
Is it a .pnd yet?

Is it a .pnd yet?

Is it a .pnd yet?

Is it a .pnd yet?

Is it a .pnd yet?

My birthday was yesterday... ;)

Belated Happy Birthday then, and thanks for your ceaseless work on the Pandora scene!! :)

Now to my few questions! In this version, is autoframeskip enabled by default? I'd like it if people posted their preferred settings for optimal use of games. I know I prefer to play Mario64 at 640x480, even though most games don't run at the best at tha that resolution. On this version of the emu, the autoframeskip seems to be making itself apparent, even in parts of the game that ran perfectly smoothly on previous versions....
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all of my roms are in .usa format, which mupen plays when you use the cr*ppy rom browser (can;t remember it's name) by selecting view all files, but Pickle launcher picks up no roms - can we add .usa to the list of supported files?

cheers ears