Preorder FAQ

Questions about the current status of the project
Q: Is this thing real?
A: Yes. It's not just a design concept, we already have working prototypes.

Q: So everything is working and finished?
A: Almost. Prototypes exists in order to find flaws and fix them before the mass production.
The case will receive a few tweaks and the hardware itself will also receive a few fixes.
However, most of the hardware has been tested already and I've personally used a unit with battery for a while now.

Q: Where can I get updates on the status and development?
A: Right here the website! Just head over to the Pyra news section!

Q: Can I also see the status of the crowdfunding?
A: Yes, you can find the already placed amount of preorders and a statistic here!
Questions about the preordering process
Q: Where can I place my preorder?
A: You can find the preorder for the different units at the DragonBox Shop.

Q: What payment methods are available?
A: You can pay via bank transfer, BitCoins and Credit Card. PayPal payment is not available as they don't allow crowdfunding.
Bank transfer and BitCoin are best for us, as we don't have any fees for those, but check with your bank whether you have any transfer fees.

Q: What can I do if my credit card is being denied?
A: For security reasons, the credit card needs to be registered in the country your computer IP address is. If that is the case and it still doesn't work, check back with your credit card company or bank. They might be denying payments into foreign countries.

Q: I've chosen to pay using BitCoins, but I haven't received an email to fulfill the payment!
A: Don't worry. The daily limit using BitPay without transaction fees is 1000 EUR per day, which resembles 2 preorders. As only two orders are possible per day, it takes a while until your order will be ready to be paid. Your queue position is fixed with the order, not with the payment, so just be a little patient.

Q: What happens after the downpayment?
A: You will receive a voucher via email. Keep that voucher code safe, as you will need it for the final payment. Don't worry though: If you really lose it, we can look it up for you. But you safe us a lot of work keeping that email.

Q: When does the rest of the payment need to be done?
A: The final payment will need to be paid once your Pyra is ready to be shipped.

Q: Can I easily get a refund of the downpayment?
A: Usually, you can. The shop has funds itself and we didn't make the calculation too narrow that we won't have the funds to refund your unit. However, if your timing is really bad, it might be that it takes a while until you get it back.

Q: Is there a limit to how many preorders you take?
A: We haven't planned a limit, but at some time, preordering will be closed (we'll let you know upfront!). And the later you place your order, the later you will receive your unit. So if you feel unsure about the preorder, you can wait until we post more videos and progress unless you feel safe.

Q: Why is there a downpayment needed for the preorder?
A: We also need to make a downpayment to preorder all the needed parts, and with 1000 or even 2000 units, you can imagine that's A LOT. We're not huge company, we don't have half a million of EUR lying around.

Q: Can I pay more as a downpayment to help you guys?
A: Yes, simply buy any amount of vouchers at the DragonBox which you then can use with the final payment.

Q: Can I support you with donations?
A: Yes, you can do that by simply adding donations (any number and amount you like) with your order. Thanks!

Q: When will the unit be delivered?
A: We have no fixed date set yet. We rather make sure the system works than rushing it to keep some deadline. We plan to start shipping within this year though, and as we already have a working prototype and nigh finished case, it's mostly fixing remaining flaws and preparing the mass production after that.

Q: What will happen if you don't get enough preorders?
A: We already received the minimum of preorders (500), so that shouldn't be a concern anymore.

Q: How risky is the downpayment?
A: There's always a certain risk involved with preordering hardware. However, we tried to keep the risk for you as little as possible. We already have working prototypes (you can find an early video here (still with missing DPad and Nubs, but we already have them as well.
We will also make more videos within the next weeks, so you can be assured the system exists and works!
We also have a contract with the PCB production company which defines a maximum failure rate - anything over that doesn't need to be paid by us.
So while the risk shouldn't be too high, you still shouldn't sell your last shirt just to get it (though I suggest you'd never do that for any product).

Q: What color will the Pyra have?
A: The color has not yet been decided. We will get various test colors with the delivery of the final case. I'll post pictures of it and you help me decide! We might even make multiple colors.
You will be able to choose your color with the final payment.

Q: Weren't you the one who screwed up the Pandora??
A: No. I was part of the original Pandora team, yes but I actually didn't do the calculations or handle the production, I only took care about the community.
When the UK company (OpenPandora Ltd.) gave up, I decided to try to keep going and took care of the production, which has then worked flawlessly.
So I'm basically the one who lead the Pandora into a stable production run from a previous disaster... The same company which was producing the Pandora from then on will also produce the Pyra.

Specific questions for pre-preorders and iCP2 / Pandora customers
Q: I already placed a pre-preorder for the Pyra - do I have to do anything else?
A: Yes! With the pre-preorder, you couldn't choose what type of unit you wanted (with or without mobile internet, etc.), so you need to let us know now.
Please use the voucher code you received with your pre-preorder via email and enter it during the checkout, as it will deduct the 290 € from the pre-preorder payment from the preorder payment.
You don't need to hurry here - your place in the queue is already defined with the pre-preorder. So take your time until the rush is over if you like :)

Q: Help! I've lost my voucher code! Am I screwed?
A: No, of course not. We know about your order, so we can look up the voucher code. Please use the DragonBox Shop contact form to contact us and let us know your name, email address and full address as proof. We'll resend it to you.
This might take a day or two, but as mentioned: Your place in the queue is already secured, so don't worry!

Q: I still didn't receive my Pandora preorder and heard I can get it for production cost price! How does that work?
A: Don't worry, we'll keep our promise and will send you a voucher code eventually. However, we cannot afford that right from the start - we need to get at least 1500 preorders first before we can send these vouchers out.
You can then use the voucher any time, you can also wait until the Pyra is available from stock!

Q: I was a backer of the iCP2 and heard I will get a voucher I can use for the Pyra?
A: That's a bit complex. We want and WILL work out a solution for you as well, however, I need to check back with Link (the one who handled the iCP2 campaign) how we'll handle this.
You will probably receive a voucher before the final payment is due, so you will then have to pay less than the full price.
If that doesn't work out, you will probably receive a payment back when enough units have been sold. But Link intends to keep his promise and I intend to help him with that!

.... we'll update the FAQ when more questions at the boards appear, so if something isn't clear, feel please ask at the boards!