The Community

The community is a VERY important part in the development of the Pyra.
Not only as developers from the community will be the ones releasing ports and new software, but also for gathering ideas to make the system the way it will be.

Even the website, the Wiki and support are being done with help from the community.
The developers themselves are available for a chat as well - that's something that's very different compared to normal commercial devices.

The community has always been one of the strongest aspects of the Pandora and the Pyra.

Of course, everything is free to use!

The Webboards

Most of the discussions happen right here on this page at the official webboards.

An account is free, of course. This is the main portal for everything related to the OpenPandora and Pyra.

You are welcome to join - don't be shy, the community is very helpful and friendly!


Another open discussion channel is our IRC Channel on FreeNode (#openpandora and #dragonbox-pyra), which you can also use directly in your browser using the Chat function.
Like on the boards you can easily talk to other users, developers or some members of the Pyra team directly there.

Wiki, Blogs, Repository

While discussion is one part of the story, a comprehensive software repository, documentation and blogs with news are also important, especially for newbies.

The Pyra is almost finished, we got a Wiki, we will have a software repository (similar to the OpenPandora Repository) and I'm sure blogs (like Pandora Live) will also pop up soon.

Of course, you are welcome to create your own blog, newssite or whatever comes to your mind - the team even offers free webspace on the server for your site. Just ask :)