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Aug 15, 2012
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Here is the v2.2 of Muppen64Plus. Thanks to sebt3, if you had the r1 installed, it will be updated to this one, and your savegame you'll be migrated.

The launcher is a modified version of PickleLauncher, adding "per rom" and general Plugin setup.

To have the general setup, use {select}
To have per rom, choose a rom, and press {Y}.
{B} to launch a game, {A} to Cancel, and {X} to go up 1 folder.
You can also use the touchscreen.

In Game, the keyboard layout is as follow:

N64 Pandora
---- -------
DPad DPad
{A} {X}
{B} {A}
{Start} {Start}
{Analog} Left Nub
{C} 9 0 Backspace {Y}
{L} {B}
{Z} {L}
{R} {R}

And of course ESC to quit.

A Wiki Compatibility is here:

History log

Build 21

  • Repackage to fix issue with no-controls on clean install
Build 20

  • Bugfix Core, making more game runnable (like Bomberman64)
  • New RSP plugin (CXD4)
  • some Optims and bugfixes to most plugins
Build 19

  • Fixed per-rom settings
  • Added GLideN64 (but too slow, and need latest drivers)
Build 18

  • Should now works even when it's 1st install.
  • Added ini file from Wally.
Build 17

  • Many changes in both rices plugins, bringing a Widscreen display to Mario Kart, Super Mario and both Zelda
  • Many changes to core, now DK64 is playable!
  • Launcher now remember last position
  • Some small changes here and there...
Build 16

  • many small changes to most graphics plugins
  • Optimization by Notaz on RICE plugins (both GLES2 and GLES1.1)
  • New frameskipping (the frame limiting part) code in core by Notaz

Build 15

  • Bugfix in gles2glide64 plugin.
  • RSP-HLE plugin now integrate musyx ucode (sound in some previousy silent games)
  • Preliminary suport for Conker Bad Fur Day in gles2n64
  • A few other fixes here and there
Build 14

  • Alternate configuraton for C Buttons
  • Using Mouse as key is possible now
Build 13

  • Updated Core & Video Plugin so they are now compatible with newer SGX drivers
Build 12

  • Updated Core, Glide, SDL-Audio and Rice(s) to Upstream
  • New Core settings, with added per rom option (inside an updated mupen64plus.ini ROM database):
    DelaySI, default to False, with the exeptions listed here.
  • CountPerOp, default to 2, with the exeptions listed here.
  • A few fixes & tuning here and there on many graphicals plugins

Build 10

  • Recompiled CORE for more stability

Build 09

  • Recompiled CORE for more performances
  • Some fixes to both Rice plugins
  • Recompiled all video plugin (except Arachnoid) for more performances
Build 08

  • GLES2N64: Framebuffer, Lowres (with "framebuffer enable=1") and stretch (with "video stretch=1") available
  • Core fix for Doom64 and DK64 (DK64 is still not playable, you can still go through walls).
Build 07

  • Core fix for Perfect Dark. Doesn't freeze anymore (thanks to the mupen64plus-libretro team).
  • Change Frameskipping code for GLES2N64 (use old code). With the code fix, it's fluid with much less stall
Build 06

  • Corrected (2nd attempt) Launcher, quitting a game relaunch the launcher
Build 05

  • Corrected Launcher, quitting a game relaunch the launcher
  • some bug fixes to GLES2N64 plugin
Build 04

  • Corrected Launcher, selecting Notaz Audio Plugin works now.
  • Added right nub config. Invert content of left_nub and right_nub file of appdata/mupen64plus2
Build 03

  • Corrected PND, so "home" folder is correctly created now.
  • Config and Launcher share the same initialization script now

Build 02

  • New default Glide config with autoframeskip enabled
  • Will ask to update default when upgrading for build 01
  • Some GLES2N64 bug corrected (from mupen64plus-libreto project).
  • New AspectRatio control for Rice plugins (both). Go in config and look for [Video-General]. Default is correct AspecRatio.

Build 01

  • Initial release of v2.0
  • Heavily based on mupen64plus-ae
  • Per rom config (will not work properly on zipped rom)
  • 5 Video plugins, 2 Sound Plugins,1 Input Plugin and 3 RSP Plugins
  • No cheat support on the Launcher for now.
  • Input Plugin compatible with the Retrode

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Sweet, thanks! Now on trying to find some settings for Wave Race on my CC :D
Just an added note: Those with a Retrode and the N64 plugin can utilise it with this :)
Ah, yes, I'll add that in the "Build 01" what's new.

Sweet, thanks! Now on trying to find some settings for Wave Race on my CC :D
Waverace works best with Glide IIRC. But Glide as some issue on CC (weird driver problem I think), so may need to fallback to Rice.
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I'm not sure if the "per rom" config will work on ext2 partition (because I create from the launcher son text file that I then launch before launching mupen. Thoses files are store in appdata/mupen64plus2/pandora). If someone with mupen64plus runing on an Ext partition can test and report.
It's broken now :(

I've gone back to having to use my broken left nub in Mario64. Can't find the config for N64 ANALOG as detailed in my previous support thread. Also it seems to default to highres - I'd like to go back to my old config if possible. How do I:

1. Run at native resolution (so games don't slow down - Mario64 crawls now)

2. Run stretched to the entire screen.

3. Launch games from the front end instead of pickle-launcher (don't like that launcher)

Here's the .out after it crashes when trying to load Mischief Makers:


PND             : /media/PANDORA-SD1/pandora/menu/mupen64plus2.pnd
PND_FSTYPE      : Squashfs
APPDATADIR      : /media/PANDORA-SD1/pandora/appdata/mupen64plus2
APPDD_FSTYPE    : vfat
PND_CPUSPEED    : <unset>
EXENAME         :
ARGUMENTS       : <unset>
[ START ]--- Mount the PND ----------
Mounting : mount -t squashfs -o ro "/dev/loop0" "/mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2"
Mounting the Union FS : mount -t aufs -o exec,noplink,dirs="/media/PANDORA-SD1/pandora/appdata/mupen64plus2=rw+nolwh":"/mnt/pnd/mupen64plus2=rr" none "/mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2"
[sUCCESS]--- Mount the PND ----------
[ START ]--- Starting the application (  ) ----------
Setting PATH to /mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2/bin:/mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games
Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2/lib:/lib:/usr/lib
cp: cannot create regular file `/mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2/home/.Xauthority': Operation not permitted
./ line 106: home/.version: Operation not permitted
System check
Freememory is 67
Cpu Speed is 990
Sys Speed is 332
Starting Mupen64Launcher, based on PickleLauncher Version v0.21.
Running from '/mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2/' as 'mupen64launcher'
Loading config.
Loading ziplist.
Initializing SDL.
SDL initialized.
Loading profile.
ERROR: UpdateRect W was out of bounds
Running command: 'cd ./launchers/; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH; ./  "/media/PANDORA-SD1/Mischief Makers (U) [!].z64"; sync; cd /mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2/; exec ./mupen64launcher --profile profile.txt --config config.txt --ziplist ziplist.txt'
Closing TTF fonts.
Quitting TTF.
Quitting SDL.
./romcrc /media/PANDORA-SD1/Mischief Makers (U) [!].z64 gives 1b05930bf9813d60
WSEGL_InitialiseDisplay: DRI2OpenConnection failed
Segmentation fault
./mupen64launcher: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[sUCCESS]--- Starting the application (  ) ----------
[ START ]--- Restoring the frame buffer status ----------
[sUCCESS]--- Restoring the frame buffer status ----------
[ START ]--- uMount the PND ----------
[ START ]--- Waiting the Union to be available ----------
[sUCCESS]--- Waiting the Union to be available ----------
auplink:plink.c:223: AUFS_CTL_PLINK_MAINT: Inappropriate ioctl for device
rmdir: failed to remove `/mnt/utmp/mupen64plus2': Device or resource busy
[ START ]--- Waiting the PND mount dir to be free ----------
[sUCCESS]--- Waiting the PND mount dir to be free ----------
cleanup done
[sUCCESS]--- uMount the PND ----------
Return code is : 5
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