Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

Discussion in 'Software Releases' started by notaz, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Sebosan

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    Aug 4, 2014
    And it gets worse...^^

    I recently installed some of the emulators from the Emu Ex Plus Alpha Series. The PND´s are all named correctly but the appdata folders for them are almost all named "com.explusalpha.SYSTEMNAMEEmu" whereas "SYSTEMNAME is the name of the system it emulates (Gba, Gbc Md,...).

    But i think these are not supported by BGS anyway or are they? BTW i really like your work with BGS, ekianjo, looking forward to future updates. ;-)

    Concerning PCSX i downloaded the PND again right from the repo via firefox. Then i moved the config file to another location and let it create a new one.

    Finally i moved the whole appdata folder and started PCSX so it would create a new folder.

    Didn´t help... -.-

    I´m pretty damn sure it´s not the gamepad cause it works like a charm in all other programs.


    Why not implement a button setup dialog for "Accept" and "Abort" in the menu since there is a setup for the menu button and for save states anyway?

    I´m not a coder so i don´t know if that´s a lot of work or not....
  2. ekianjo

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    May 7, 2012
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    Right, currently I don't support these emulators. But that can be adapted easily, it's just that I don't use them myself much :)
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    FWIW, I only have experience of NESemu from the Emu Ex Plus Alpha series, and on my system its appdata folder is simply 'pandora/appdata/NESemu'. I don't use it much myself as I'm not a fan of the interface, but I keep it around in case of compatibility problems with my usual emulators.

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