Action button labels: poll 2

[FIRST READ FIRST POST PLEASE] Which button layout proposal do you like most?

  • 9) Pandora-like lowercase Greek layout plus zeta/omega (γαβχ + ζω)

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Up up down down phi chi phi chi lambda omega zeta! God damn it Bobby, its not that hard, here let me do it. Like this you moron... Ultra combo!
Crikey, we're getting extra buttons but in that layout? Colour me unimpressed. Why not have them all in a double diagonal layout instead of three vertically?

It doesn't matter what we call them - the layout is just awful.

How is that meant to reduce confusion? What do you press to enter an 'a' ? A. The keyboard keys though labelled with capital letters are by default lowercase letters. That's because they are conceptually and nominally the same character. If you want to avoid the confusion of having multiple buttons with the same label, it's not enough to simply make them visually different. (the same goes for adding underlines) Did you ever take a test at school to determine your learning style, Visual, Auditory or Tactile? Different people assimilate information in different ways. To me, A, a and A are all processed the same way, because what I hear in my head when reading all three is the same. That isn't to say that I can't tell the difference, I can, but there is certainly room for confusion, especially if there's a delay between learning something and using it, or in spoken communications. - Neelix
it was just an idea. sorry to you it wasn't a good one.
I see no reason to keep this one around, it can only cause confusion as to where to vote, so I'm locking it. Discussion can proceed in the other thread.
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