Something has gone wrong.


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Mar 4, 2003
I mean, yes. Seriously. I can't explain it.
I've received a few cases from Greece and from what I can tell so far, they are fine now.
The last two issues (rattling stylus and non-optimized shoulder buttons) seem to be fixed now.

As unlikely as this sounds... it has happened.
That can't be right, can it?

Okay, at least something is not correct yet: The logo plates are painted, not anodized (which looks ugly), but they fit - so getting the correct material is the only thing left (and I could get these made in Germany as well).

Well, what does that mean?
It means it's time to go to Greece once again - to start the production run of the 500 transparent cases and organize the move of the molds over to Uniqueplast, the company that will produce the normal production run of the non-transparent cases.

The good thing is: Unlike FormAction, that company does NOT close in August and they got 12 injection mold machines (FormAction only has two), which means they can produce cases a LOT faster.

Okay, so here's the plan:
I'm leaving for Greece Wednesday evening (yes, that Wednesday already).
On Thursday I'll meet up with FormAction to get the transparent cases produced. Later that day, I'll visit the company who produced the logo plate (so I can discuss the material).
Friday I'll be visiting UniquePlast. They have multiple plastic samples to choose from and we'll plan the normal production run already as well.
And then, Friday evening, I'm on my way back home again!

Tight schedule, but doable.

No more news on the mainboard front yet (I haven't checked the status with Global Components yet, they probably have the prototype run planned already), but some news from Nikolaus:

He has been working on another mainboard already, based on our upgradable CPU-Board solution:


This is basically a stationary mainboard where you can plug the Pyra CPU board on top. So you've got a nice development system at home, with Ethernet, SATA, USB, SD-CardSlots, etc.

This can be used as a software development board for the Pyra (as it's fully compatible), but it can also be used as small Linux PC. Once we have our first CPU Board upgrade, you can give your old CPU Board a new home with this one.

For more information and discussion about it, check his hidden post in that thread here:

Okay... CPU-Boards done, keymats done, cases done, mainboards just waiting for prototype production run... we're getting closer!

Oh, here is something I also want to make happen in July:

Ask the Dragon!

What's that?
Well, basically, I can imagine quite a few of you have various questions. Not only about the Pyra, but maybe about my opinion on the GPD Win 2, Gemini, etc. especially in comparison to the Pyra.
Or you could ask what I'm happy with the Pyra, what I'm not so happy with, etc. Or about the shop, what my hobbies are, what kind of games I play, etc. Whatever. Everything is welcome and will be answered to honestly :)

I plan doing this as a live youtube-event. I'm in front of the camera and everyone can ask questions over IRC, etc.
I'll stay there and answer them as long as there are interesting questions or until my coffee runs dry (and this could take a while...)

I've never gone live on Youtube, so I need to test that setup first, but I want to make that even happen in July - now that everything seems to be finally coming to a close!

I'll let you know!

Now - 5:20am - I guess it's time to head to bed :)
Thumbs up! Despite the fact that we're out @SoccerWM, I still believe that you can make it happen!

Go, Dragon, go ....

And hopefully my Pyra will make it to my desk pretty soon -- until then I'll play around with the Gemini :) and much more with my beloved HP200. The Pandora sits here on the shelf waiting for it's successor.

talk 2 you
You scared the heck out of me, but heading how well things are going me me feel better.
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That title scared me for a second!
So hyped that this is so close to finally being finished
I correctly guessed the content the moment I read the title :)

Great to hear. Thanks for the update, as always.
There really is something fishy about a complete and flawless case...
maybe they want to lure ED to their production facility in Greek to capture and interrogate him for all information about the Pyra, so they can produce it themselves, now that everything is nearly complete?
Good to hear.
So 2Month (Tm) till we all get our Pyra :D

What kind of glue will be used to glue the back-plate?

Or will there be an "not glued" option to be able to glue an individual back plane?
(I have access to an laser cutter and V4A stainless steel.)
I don't need paint or anodizing of the logo plate, as I can then polish it up into a mirror.

Happy about the good news. Looking forward to more.
I mean, yes. Seriously. I can't explain it.
I've received a few cases from Greece and from what I can tell so far, they are fine now.
Not to worry EvilDragon. No doubt FormAction will have their usual difficulties with their production run. And then they will make excuses. And then it will be August and they will take their ill-deserved summer holiday. And everything will be back to normal in FormAction land!

But joking aside, the stately progress of the project continues, and it feels mildly feasible that we will have Pyras for Christmas or in the New Year. :)
lol that thread title... not the best idea you ever had ED, might have caused a couple of heart attacks/hurt feelings ^^

also: screw the damn anodized faceplates! I'd take my pyra with some scotch tape instead if necessary :D
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