Just a quick heads up

What is the issue exactly: dosnt it charge when the Batterie is too low, or dosnt it charge at all?
My Dark Chrome Nr28 is physical save because ED made 49 preeasamblet, and want to make 50 Black tomorow..
I hope that i can still fulfill the Preeorder in the next few days so im still in Vacations when the Pyra arrive..
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It's a problem with the temperature readout on the battery, the charge chip keeps thinking the battery is about to catch fire when it is only actually slightly warm and restricts the amount of current it'll take in.
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even the smallest true micro switches will likely be too big to cram in that area. And a lot of small profile micro-switches utilize the same style conductive rubber compound as the current D-pad so it's not gaining you anything.
hm you have a point. i have other mods in mind that i want to try out.
Maybe in the first few weeks until the issue is solved, would it help to just use the Pandora Battery, charged in the Pandora and padded a bit because it’s shorter?
I mean it’s 2000 mah less, but I can remember it’s pin compatible
Edit just looked on the Mailing List Archiv and seems like 2 A charging work, but 3 A is to much

Edit 2: the Power Supply from the Old Iphones have 1 Ampere (5W), so not enough, my USB Desktop Power Supply from Anker is 3 Ampere, so not usable until it got fixed, but i found a Power Supply whit exakt 2 Ampere at Home which could work
Send from something, i guess ^^
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Most probably shipped units will come with a script to limit charging current to 2A or something. There will be no need to use low powered charger.
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Ok then whe will have more then 10 Hours fun whit the Pyra..
The 6000 mah Power Bank I carry whit me is also 2 Ampere..
Im happy because no PSP Power Suply is needed ^^

Send from something, i guess ^^
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I actually appreciated being able to charge the Pandora with either the barrel jack or the mini usb
I ditnt try to charge my Pandora via Mini USB, i only had a USB to Barrel Jack Cable from an old Powerbank which ditnt work..
On Pyra, i have the Charging Cable whit Micro USB whit me as this is part of my EDC..
I can finaly take the 3,5 # Audio Adapter out of my EDC because the Pyra takes Headphone Jacks whit the "Apple Standard ".. ^^
Mini usb charged much slower, but it was nice to have.

That said I'm not worried about only having the micro usb.
What is the issue exactly: dosnt it charge when the Batterie is too low, or dosnt it charge at all?
Stops charging because the charger chip resets itself after ca. 40 seconds into power-on-state which limits charging+operation current to 500mA. There seems to be a subtle difference between the LetuxOS U-Boot and the PyraOS U-Boot which explains why I never had seen this same issue with charging.
Looks like I get a view of mine already!


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