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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Hydra castle Labyrinth, a freeware japanese "metroidvania" game.

The game was initialy on windows, and was then ported on 3DS. I used the 3DS port to port on Linux with SDL.
The Pandora version has keymap adapted (so all button, shoulder and even Select/Start are mapped and used).

A video of the gameplay on the Pandora from @ingoreis

To hear the music (which is good and fit the game well), you need a working installation of Timidity.

In option screen (use Select when ingame), you can change language from Japanese to English.

A Web version is available here: (needs WebASM).

History log

Build 06

  • Fixed non-xbrz scaling
Build 05

  • Updates sources
  • Update libs
  • Using ogg converted music
Build 04

  • Switched to SDL2
  • Update libs
Build 03

  • Added xBRZ upscaling
Build 02

  • Fix save that wasn't working
  • Added Joystick support
Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Some Pandora customization

You can find the source code on my github account:
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Yeah it's cute, and it's a vast and complex game.

To start, go left, and up. In a few room, you'll a chest. Inside is the "Bronze axe" (don't forget to switch to english) that allow you to break block (red blocks or some walls). Use "Start" to see your current inventory. You can now break red blocks, and also find hidden chest in walls. In some other chest, you'll find other stuff, like secondary weapon (silver arrow for example). Use (A) to use secondary weapon, and (L) / (R) to change it. And explore... and go back and forth screen, with new ability, too unlock / reach more places...
Hi again,

@ptitSeb : is it possible to save one's progress ? Every time I try to load a previously saved game, I find myself in the first room with an empty inventory :(

I checked the appdata directory but couldn't find any save file there. And there were no traces of errors in the logs AFAIK.

What am I doing wrong ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
I'll recheck. It should be working, but I may have made a mistake somewhere.
[doublepost=1512215244,1512206752][/doublepost]Ok, so save was just not working at all. I fixed that.
Also added Joystick support (not really usefull on Pandora) and different scalling (not usefull on Pandora, but x1 can be usefull on GZW0 or PocketCHIP, and x3 usefull on Pyra or PC).

Build 02

  • Fix save that wasn't working
  • Added Joystick support
I defeated the dodo in its lair ! While I'm at it, I confirm saving / loading games works now ;)

@ptitSeb : thanks for fixing this issue so quickly :)

Cheers, Magic Sam
Just had a chance to give this a quick go, and it runs well on my Pandora with timidity providing the music. Thanks to ptitseb for the port, and to whoever suggested he look at this excellent game. Yes, I needed to reload by save after dying versus the dodo the first time, and I can also confirm that working.
New build on the repo, with added xBRZ scaling. It can be enabled in the in-game Option screen.
Note that it takes a few second to upscale the graphics using xBRZ, so expect a few seconds of black screen at launch (or few seconds freeze when activating the option).

The difference between xBRZ / pixel scaling is not super visible on the Pandora screen, but you can notice the difference.

Build 03

  • Added xBRZ upscaling
Inside is the "Bronze axe"
Ah... and here I had the boomerang and no axe and some wall spewing pipes prevent you going to a previous level to search for the axe. Guess I'll restart...
Hmm, as far as I remember the bronze axe is in the main hub area which should be accessible all through the game. But I don't recognise this 'wall spewing pipes' description so maybe I'm forgetting something - I assume you don't have the shield yet?
Oh, I see - one of those with the lasers that turn you to stone. And it seems I'd forgotten you don't start with the shield. Yeah, you might just need to restart, I'm afraid.
Interesting, does someone have a working download link for the desktop version?
I found an English translation patch but all the links to the actual game 404'd.

When I click on "download" on Buster's site, I just get a few moon runes and a screenshot, no file.