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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is the port of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. You'll need pk3 files from an up-to-date version (from Steam or Win/Linux CD Version). Last version is 1.41.

And the Demo if you don't own the full game. You'll need pk3 files from the Demo version to run it.

And a video of the Gameplay on the Pandora thanks to BAFelton:
History log

Build 07

  • Fresh build using gcc 5.3 and lto
  • A few optimisation more
Build 06

  • Flamethrower doesn't crash now
Build 05

  • Added "noshouldermb" function
  • Fresh build (faster)
  • Tearless SwapBuffer
Build 04

  • Improved AutoAim (from Android port)
Build 03

  • Variable "sv_cheats" can be written now, giving the ability to use cheat codes

Build 02

  • Improved Joystick support (now truely analog)
  • Added ability to change default config of Left/Right nub: see the files left_nub and right.nub in appdata/rtcw/home (or appdata/rtcw_demo/home for Demo PND).
  • Changed hardwired Leftclic to Right Shoulder and Rightclic as Left shoulder.
  • Remove Data from Demo PND
  • Removed Screenshots from PXML.
Build 01

  • Initial release
  • Joystick support
  • Hardwired "," as Leftclick and "." as Rightclick
  • The crouch button is now a toggle button, that is also canceled with Jump
  • Full GLES renderer

For those interested, here are the sources:
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Another game I was fond of back when. Thank you ptitSeb!!!
Looks like I'm digging up yet another CD from yesteryear. 
Ptitseb is an fps porting machine!

Just curious if and or what else is in the pipeline.
Stunning work again ptitSeb!

Are you bored with quake engine porting yet?  

There's a world of possibilities out there:


Only kidding! :)

Thanks for all your hard work, it really is amazing to play these games on a pandora.
I love that flowchart reboot.  I still have my fingers crossed for seeing a port of Elite Force.
Yeah, nice map !

There are some other Games I'd like to port, but not all are open sourced (FAKK2, HalfLife, CoD or SoF II to named just a few).

I'm surprise the Star Trek EF II seems to derive from FAKK2, when I thought it was just between STV EF Expansion and JK2.

Hum, who put point of color on the Game/Engine we have on the Pandora?
There was a reversed engeneered multiplayer for elite force at

I would love seeing Alice on the Pandora.
This is awesome. This is the game I was waiting for. I have the mac version (and the PS/2 version) with files circa 2005. Any hope with those? I am reluctant to buy yet another copy (but I will).

Also, does anyone have the format for the key file? My mac version is PPC and I really don't want to drag my PM G4 out of it's slumber. I have the key, so if there is a simple format to create the file I can just plug it in. Thanks.
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It works but I can't move up and down in the commands menu.

The mouse is too fast here, and i'd prefer the mouse vision with the left nub.
I am also curious about the rtcwkey file. I have the game on Steam and have no idea where to get/how to make this file.
I am also curious about the rtcwkey file. I have the game on Steam and have no idea where to get/how to make this file.
You just need to launch the steam version of the game once and it will create it.
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Copy it from the "appdata" from your plaform. It may be named e.g. .etwolf/etmain/etkey .
I tried copying the Main folder into my \appdata\rtcw folder. I also tried copying all of the files from my Main folder into the \appddata\rtce folder. I created a file named rtcwkey with my RTCW product key. I also downloaded an etkey file and renamed it rtcwkey. I put that file in the \appdata\rtcw folder and in the main folder. I still get the error message saying I am missing the files when I try and start the game. Any help?
rename Main to main, caps seem to matter.
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