Dead Pixels / Silkscreening Sadness

WizardStan said:
The Buccaneer said:
As handy as silk screening is, for description of ports, LEDs and such, it doesn't take long for you to learn what they all do, see the Das Keyboard for an example.
Indeed, look at the Das Keyboard! It's LEDs are labeled. We should emulate this behavior! Silk screening is important!

oh Arse. Well you know what I was getting at, right?

Right. Good. Glad we see eye to eye. ¬_¬

emusan said:
Have you tried removing the plastic cover that lies over the LCD, you have to actually be in contact with the exposed LCD to have any effect, and the PSP hides its screen under a piece of plastic.

Yeah I've taken it apart many a time and attempted that, still won't hop it. I hate taking the PSP apart, SO MUCH DUST gets under the screen, and I always do something bad to that analog nub. Perhaps I'm too cack handed. I hope I never have to take the Pandora apart
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none of my posts were nitpicking, strained or anything in that manner. im just playin around having some fun and making some conversation while we all excitedly await. i just think having the silkscreening on the pandora looks neat as opposed to a blank pandora. also black screws would look more cool on the black pandora. im patient. if craigix made an announcement that the pandora wouldnt be available until 2011 i would not have the slightest problem with it. dont get me wrong i want a pandora just as much as anyone else. openpandora wants to get it right and ill wait until they say its ready. they are not going to deliver junk to us.
paldepind said:
WizardStan said:
atomicthumbs said:
I want my screws made of meteoric iron
Can I get mine in kryptonite? Gotta keep Superman from stealing my Pandora :ph34r:
Haha! Lol..

Well, maybe I'm stupid but can anybody please tell me what a silkscreen is?
silkscreening on it's tru meaning is the inprinting of objects using a method called screen done by printing with masks made from silk process invented on the ancient china... bla bla bla.

thou on these forums it can also be used to reference the printing over the case using ink wharever the method used (tampography, laser curing, etc.)

The Buccaneer said:
As handy as silk screening is, for description of ports, LEDs and such, it doesn't take long for you to learn what they all do, see the Das Keyboard for an example.

Not that I'm that early in the preorders (still on first day, but more around 7PM), so I'll probably get a normal fully finished Pandora, but I like the ultra stealth black appeal of having one that's not silk screened. Also, the oily finish it currently has makes it look like a tyre that has had a fair coat of tyre shine applied, again - doesn't look too bad to me. (I'm easy to please).

And on the subject of dead pixels, I have an occasional stuck pixel appear on one of my monitors, but a quick bit of massaging makes it go away, with any luck anyone with stuck pixels will be able to do the same. (although the stuck pixel on my PSP won't shift for love nor money).

usefull or not, it does belong to the product finishing details, and as i have said before, ive seen people jam a USB drive on a MAC laptop charging port rendering useless both.

on the legal side if they dont have the proper directions (done by the silkscreen) they could get sued (take for example Starbucks, everyone should know coffee IS HOT if you order HOT COFFEE yet they got sued) anyone could play dumb and say oh i jammed my video cable on the OTG port it went busted so i want a refund/fix because it didnt had any directions
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Etinin said:
The Das Keyboard sucks.
I prefer IBM/Unicomp Model M keyboards.

I have a black unicomp with blank black keys. It's the coolest keyboard in the universe. Everyone flips shit when they see it.
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