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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is a little game, involving physics, boats, aliens, and patience !

This is a port using gl4es.

A video of the gameplay on the Pandora by @ingoreis

The keys are:

DPad Left/Right : Turn
{X} : Thrust
{Y} : Reverse
{A} : Turn
{B} : Jump (you need to be deep in water to jump high).

History log

Build 04

  • Now using gl4es
  • Corrected colors that where wrong (was still some left over of the GLES1 conversion)
  • Update screenshots
Build 03

  • Now using the awesome libGL by lunixbochs => faster and more compatible
  • Corrected colors that where wrong (didn't update screenshots)
Build 02

  • faster build (changed double to float)
Build 01

  • Initial release

The modified sources are now on my github account:
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Lots of fun.

reminds me of my days as a careless navigator  :D ....nice.
Already has a port, but it's always good to have options ;)
Already has a port, but it's always good to have options ;)
I didn't found it :( it's not on the repo, and it didn't shows up with a quick google search.

*EDIT* Ok, found it :( Here, a port made by Clop, 2 years ago. The PND is only on the board it seems, and I have to go to the last result of Google to find it.

Well, this version is based on a newer sourcecode, so it's not entirely a waste a time.
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New build on the repo. I changed double by float in the source (I didn't see any side effect), so it should be faster, especially is some later levels with a few tentacles...

Build 02


  •  faster build (changed double to float)
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I made a libGL build of bloboats because it was still in the "port requests" wiki. This GLES conversion has several rendering issues (menu banner, level ground texture is wrong, screen artifacts).

These are fixed in the libGL version. Perhaps we should merge/rerelease?

My PND is here:

I did not do any float -> double conversions.
The port request wiki is out of date and should be either maintened (but nobody has the time for that) or closed and deleted. Outdated informations like that is bad, and I it's a waste of developper/porter time. So that's the 3rd port of this game on the Pandora, it's a clear waste.

I hadn't noticed the rendering artefact you are mentionning, but I hadn't really compared with PC version as reference, so I beleive you. Without the double/ to float conversion, the game was a bit slow. You don't have that?
I would normally agree about wasted time, but it was really a ten second compile to test libGL ;) Took longer to make the PND.

The game was more than fast enough for the first five or so levels, but I am on a 1GHz. I didn't play past that.

I help maintain the port requests wiki (the second I either port something or notice it exists I try to remove it) and I think there's value in it.
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Yes, on Gigahertz it is fast enough. Problem is when using a CC and on level with two or more "squids" on screen. 

About the wiki, it's valuable, but it need to be up to date to still be valuable.

About bloboats, I'll compile it with your libGL to see the difference and report back, I have a list of games to try with your libGL, but I haded planned to start with an already ported one.
I compiled it but I just have segfault :( I tried the preload and LIBGL_FB but it's the same. And I'm not at home, and cannot easily even just download your pnd to see. This is so frustrating.
Did you download a new or even compile one from source? I've been updating it often.
Did you download a new or even compile one from source? I've been updating it often.
I have cloned your git and just "git pull" 20 min ago. glOrtho2D was not defined, so I use a glortho fall back. It's ok with current version or I somehow messed something?
Ok will update the libGLU too.

Tried your version, it is fast, faster than my naive GLES port.

Now I have to make that run.
Finally got a build that don't segfault, by undefining all my define. But colors where still wrong :( , so I have peobably done something wrong in the code that I forgot to #ifdef... 

The build was very fast, more than 120fps !
Hum, on the CC, I have white box everywhere, texture are not loading (with my build). I'll try with your and on a Rebirth.

*EDIT* may be it's a packaging problem... I have to work a bit more
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I'm really confused now. It seems that, whatever I do, bloboats seeks some libGL functions inside /mnt/utmp/codeblocks/usr/lib/

I use just --rpath-link as linker statement, no --rpath. I have to understand how all that work, but for now, I'm having difficulties to make this run with codeblocks. That explain why I had white texture on the CC (codeblocks was not launched). It's when launching with the Rebirth that I understood, as the Mesa libGL is starting instead of lunixbochs one (which is in the PND, and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly).
Hum, so, with codeblocks loaded, the libGL inside codeblocks load before the one embeded in the PND... But without codeblocks loaded, it works. Even on CC. And it's faster than before.

So I'll upload a new version using this great lib.

@lunixbochs: to have the correct colors, I had to reverse manually Red & Blue Channel, even with libGL. Did you do the same or is it still something weird in my code?