A case of polls!

God Ginrai

Nov 27, 2005
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Anyone who lived through the Pandora days knows how much work the guys put in behind the scenes and how getting news updates often raises false hopes about possible shipment days. Rest assured work continues without news updates and getting updates is not going to bring peace to anyone until they have a tracking number. Just sit tight, hack in a project you want the Pyra for and wait until things actually ship.

I honestly only started watching the forums again after I got the survey and am just about ready to go back into "other things" hibernation until I get another mail.

(Not saying news is bad, but no news shouldn't cause stress either.)

I'd say it's the opposite. Specifically having gone through the Pandora and other similar projects w/ long lead times before, I would say that a stable stream of updates (even if light in content) generally keeps a community better placated than long periods of time w/ no information.

-God Ginrai