Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

This dosnt look like the mentioned symbol, its looks like a Telivision Dragon..

6 Weeks also after the Prototyphe Orderers find the Board ok,
Well, thats some sort of a Time Estimation, although nobody knows how good they try the Pyra and how long they need for this..

Could be this may be the last 2 months (tm) for me..
I love this series of updates gives us something to see and is very regular. Also it is amazing how fast and good you recovered from both personal and health issues!
As an Intellivision enthusiast... is it weird that upon seeing the mention of the "Intellivision dragon" that I immediately
started hearing the sounds in my mind of the Intellivision D&D game dragon?
Although I don't think, it looks like s swastika, I wouldn't know what else you could be talking about. It's not illegal to mention those. How else could you discuss them?
I thought because it is the symbol of a certain banned political party in germany it would be illegal to discuss it. My mistake.
It is there in last three photos. You can compare 4th image from last ( without plastic part ) with 3rd image from last (with plastic part).
It's worth noting that between the 5th from end and the 4th from end the lid's been turned over. I didn't notice that until I was looking again just now, and helps explain why the last photos are gluey and messy. So the metal plate goes on the outside of the lid, but the plastic insert goes on the inside. I'm pretty sure now, looking at it more carefully that it's a complete oval.
@Silent-Hunter Nah, Pretending it never was and forcing everyone to join in pretention wouldn't be healthy. So you may talk about it. You cannot use it freely. Historical discurse in school or documentaries and such would be exceptions.
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I could sure use some pyra pandora users on my discord channel you can join from in my signature be nice to get a pandora group going on there i have a pandora pyra section.
Does the pyra have a stylus i saw ed using one in a video on the screen?
So the stylus is built into the case and provided with the pyra?
Depending on what exactly you mean by 'built in'. It's made as part of the case plastics (I forget exactly which mould it was in), and will be included in the unit as sold, but 'built in' often connotes thing as connected by a string or something. It won't be attached to the unit like that or in fact in any way other than an easily overcome internal restricted opening (for want of a better term perhaps) which stops the stylus dropping out of its *built-in* stylus holder accidentally. Pop it out, click it home, job done.
So you want some news?

Well, as said before, the first testruns with the moulds have started this week :)
These will show if more tweaking will be necessary or if these are good enough already.

Here's a small (shaky) video made with a phone :)