No prototypes for GamesCom, but a Wifi Chip and a Pyra in the dark!

I am a bit worried about this talk about different pyra hardware versions..the production run is tiny as it is..or more specifically I wonder what the cost  involved per revision is, i mean.. what is the break even point cost for a component X to offset the cost involved in a seperate production run to build a revision without this component X?? not to mention it increases project risk (how are you going to estimate for the relative demand??)
Nah, Ed will play it safe. He knows it's a small market. He won't risk alienating anybody. He will come up with a satisfactory solution.

The wifi chip supports AP mode
So does the Pandora's wifi chip and I'm not sure it works even now.
So no guarantees that the Pyra can be used as a router? Can it be done through software in any fashion?
I'm not a programmer, but from what I read on a TI wiki, I should be able to make a simple bash script to turn on/off 4G->WifiAP routing.
5Ghz wifi if you want a good game streaming experience. Even if the problem I experience is because of other networks, the difference is very noticeable where I'm at. I would actually vote for 802.1ac if it's an option.
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I experience a noticeable speed boost on a machine with an 802.11 a/b/g card connecting to an 802.11n router when I use the 5 GHz connection over the 2.4 GHz connection. That kind of card gives the same theoretical maximum at 2.4 GHz (g) and 5 GHz (a), 54Mbps, but it's still faster on a 5 GHz connection. This is in an area that isn't even that densely populated compared to a large city (this city is less than 15,000 people, and there are always trees in view). Several factors can enter in. The availability of 5 GHz is a definite plus, regardless of the bottleneck that's built in to the Pyra hardware. The question is, how much difference does it make to the project's viability. If it can be practically done without risking the project, then I would say, do it. However, if it creates a significantly greater risk of the project never being completed, then I can certainly live without it.
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The past two weeks on his twitter have pretty much been filled with Gamecom news and videos with a bit of stuff about RetroPi.  Niklaus should be back of holiday now though, so hopefully the Pyra news will start coming sooner than later.
Thank you, i have been out for some days and review all the threads with so much personal and senseless discussion (not always ;) ) take it time so i wanted to be sure not to lose any information :D .