[Rebirth Competition] Slackware for Pandora 13.37 release thread.

But there's tons of interesting stuff ^^.

Still, i have to fight one bug or two, and some VOIP packages, so i won't get bored those last days.
Ok, is someone interested in beta testing ?

I already proposed to some testers but i have no feedback yet :/.

I'm looking for more .pnd compatibility and a better udev automounter.

If you think you can help me with this, just tell me.
This highly interests me. I don't have a Pandora yet otherwise I'd offer to test it.

I'm a Linux lover, and although Arch is more my flavor when I finally get my own Pandora I will definitely give this a try.
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Here's some screenshots.









It looks really nice. Its good to know that even though I don't have my Pandora yet when I finally do I'll have plenty of options.
You'll have to wait two more days ^^.

Some news.

I've uploaded my -rc3, which is likely to be the final release.

I've also uploaded my build system for this exact -rc3, minus the 3d driver, 'cause it's not open source.

I'll try to build and upload a release based on -current (unstable) in the last days, but i wont recompile the 200+ packages i compiled for the 13.37 ^^.
-current build is ready ^^.

I will create a rootfs.tar.bz2 tomorrow so it will be available aside the stable 13.37 release.

I compiled the most useful program/libs and will include it.
Thx ^^.

I uploaded the stuff to ED.

I won't upload anymore new packages until the end of the competition.

I think i may probably fill the Wiki with some more informations. Hope it's permitted !
I succeeded in compiling the latest network manager for -current.

So i may add a -current-2 soon.
I changed my mind and i'm finally also compiling packages for -current.

This -current rootfs seems pretty stable, and i already included the new kernel that will be shipped in the future Super Zaxxon B3.

This new kernel improves a lot SD card speed, amongst other Notaz candies.

So -current-2 should be released in the very next days.
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I'm currently uploading the -current-2. Should be complete in about two hours.


A little surprise for you:

Aside some minor fixes and the new speedy 3.2.14 git kernel, i compiled a real time kernel :) .

To use the new 3.2.14 or the 3.2.14-rt, boot the rootfs, then:

cd /boot

rm uImage

cp uImage-3.2.14 uImage


cd /boot

rm uImage

cp uImage-3.2.14-rt uImage

And reboot.

You can switch back to the old slow kernel with:

cd /boot

rm uImage

cp uImage-3.2.1 uImage

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I provide a patch for the 13.37 and old -current that adds the new kernels.

Get the .tgz here :


su -

installpkg kernels-20120407-1-arm.tgz

Then follow the procedure from the previous post, or the one in the Wiki.

---EDIT : After first reboot, if mo modules are loaded (check lsmod), run as root:

depmod -ae

then reboot again.
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are there even applications that make use of a rt-kernel? anyway, thx for all the effort. need a new sd-card for testing this, probably mid of the week. Bugs shouldn't matter for that sake, you obviously invested lots of time and deserve a good vote :)
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My first though is about music. I use myself a rt kernel and Ardour on my main PC.

Also, some people from the boards asked a while ago for a rt kernel, probably for audio too, so now they can play with it.

They can use Slack, or download my patch package and put manually uImage and modules in a Zaxxon.

There's probably other usage for rt than http://rt.wiki.kerne...Linux_29a7.html .

If someone can enlighten us...

I didn't tested much the new 3.2.14 and 3.2.14-rt apart running Picodrive and PCSXR. I crashed the system while using mupen with the rt so i presume the 3D driver is more buggy than usual.

Mupen is usually pretty stable.

Yay ! Thanks. With my own vote, this is at least 2 voices for me :^).


I'm uploading a first batch of -current packages.

You can grab them here:

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Finally trying this out. I must admit, RT kernel gave me the final motivation I needed. :)

I'm getting this error when I try to extract the rootfs:

tar: p: Cannot open: No such file or directory

Setup details:

  1. rootfs is SL4P-current-2.tar.bz2, md5 check is fine.
  2. Using command direct from wiki with filenames/paths adjusted
  3. I'm doing this on the Pandora, as my only other computer here is a Win7 laptop. rootfs is on a FAT card in slot 1, and my Ext2 Slack card is in slot 2.

I thought I might have more luck putting the rootfs on the Ext2 card and extracting there, but I can't copy/paste it on the Pandora for some reason.

Any clues?
Will check that right now.

Anyway, it will be really long if you do that on your OP.


My error was to just copy/paste instructions elsewhere in the OP wiki without testing :/

---EDIT 2: i noticed something strange. Seems i made a mistake when making the archive. Even if the card is not named SLACK, it's untarred in /media/SLACK

Thanks for having reported this. I'm tired but i'll try to fix it now.

Anyway, the upload to the server takes around 2h30.

So just ensure your card is named SLACK, or mount it and manually make a link to /media/SLACK

---EDIT 3: no it won't work. I have to rebuild it.

I'll do it tomorrow, i have to sleep it's 4h30 am here ^^.

You can test it under Zaxxon. Look into this:


Copy the uImage-3.2.14-rt to /boot/uImage

and the 3.2.14-rt23-00279-g7eed7cc-dirty folder in /lib/modules

I strongly suggest you to install it on a new Zaxxon SD rootfs in order to test safely.
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