Rebirth Competition Release Thread

The version you are voting for does NOT have to be the Rebirth version, you can give your vote based on the final update.
That sound like a 1 month extention without the extention, for the other... I would have made chromium & racer part of the compo if i managed to enter the deadline...
Quite. If I'd known we'd have 2 weeks after the deadline I'd probably have kept working on my menu instead of scheduling it for when I have downtime in May. :p
same here, I'd have organized my schedule differently.

adding more feature rather than making sure it'd work right out of the box in time for the "deadline".
In general the deadline is a deadline

But I'd like to give extra week to sebt3 for his projects.

I'd appeal to vote for the Future!

Vote for Deadly Caves ^_^
Thanks for the guy who gave qrizmaze 2 Points. That is really awesome for me. :) (Btw. I haven't voted, after commiting qrizmaze it doesn't felt right). But really thanks for the vote, next time I gonna take some more time for my commit.. :)