[Rebirth Competition] Slackware for Pandora 13.37 release thread.


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Feb 13, 2010
SL4P - Slackware for Pandora.

Version 13.37 and version -current (unstable).

Get SL4P-13.37 http://slackware.ope...-13.37%2Frootfs

Get SL4P-current http://slackware.ope...urrent%2Frootfs

More than 200 packages are already compiled for 13.37 and -current, and ready to download/install.

SL4P Wiki page, installation, updates etc. :


About Slackware :


SL4P-13.37 features :

-full 3.X hardware support (keyboard, D-pad, buttons, nubs, touchscreen, brightness, OP button, sound, internal and external Wi-Fi, both USB ports, TV-out, 3D driver) minus bluetooth

-8 window managers, including Minimenu and Xfce-4.6.2

-KDE-4.5.5 (512M RAM recommended, 8G SD card), installed via internet in two commands

-pnd support

-pndstore support

-most official setup scripts support

-zram support

-rebuilt slightly optimized video player (mplayer-20101218)

-rebuilt optimized audio player (xmms-1.2.11)

-three standard firewall configs for eth0, usb0 and wlan0

-updates through official Slackware repository

-hundreds of pre-compiled packages hosted @ openpandora.org

-an automatized package building system (sbopkg)

-the SL4P build system (hosted @ openpandora.org), which can be used to port any Linux/*NIX to Open Pandora

-official OP 3.X kernel + git kernel + real time kernel


-perl-5.12.3, python-2.6.6, ruby-1.9.1





-Xfce layout chooser (beta - see the wiki notes)

Bugs/not yet included features :

-3.X kernel slow SD access - corrected with the new Super Zaxxon b3 kernel

-3.X kernel lack of suspend-to-ram when running from SD card - corrected with the new SZb3 kernel

-3.X kernel black and white TV-out - corrected with the new SZb3 kernel

-3.X kernel lack of OPP settings - corrected with the new SZb3 kernel

-bluetooth not patched

-old firefox (13.37)

-unperfect automounter

-no autologin

Tested .pnd compatibility list :


Packages compiled for SL4P 13.37 :


Packages compiled for SL4P -current


List of official armedslack-13.37 packages :


List of official armedslack-current packages :



Thanks to OP team :


(Some are still missing here)

And other people :


Very special HUGE thanks to Notaz.

Without your help, i probably won't have succeeded.

Thanks to skeezix for Minimenu help.

Thanks to milkshake and Tempel for PNDstore help.

Thanks to McLovin for wi-fi tricks.

Thanks to sebt3 for solving the /usr/share/applications/op_* mystery.

Also for compatibility help.

Thanks to Blastrock.

Join the OP community, man ^^.

Thanks to bagmouse7 for testing.

Thanks to Binky for the banners.

Thanks to Gruso, who saved my rootfs from a bad packaging ;^).

Thanks to Ivanovic for the zram tip.

Thanks to EvilDragon for providing web space. I'm honoured.

Thanks to Patrick Volkerding :


And Stuart Winter


Thanks to all LQ.org answerers :


Thanks to OSS developers.

And, of course, Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds.


Original post :

Hi !

So in a few days, i will release a new up-to-date Linux OS for Open Pandora, based on Slackware.

(btw, ED plz, remember me... i'm on my own to debug for now :/)

It will include a lot of goodies, but maybe there's obvious things i missed.

So here's my questions : do you need something special ?

Something useful that every distro should ship, or something that will serve well the OP community.

I already compiled many packages from here [url="http://slackbuilds.org/repository/13.37/"]http://slackbuilds.o...pository/13.37/[/url] but i may add a few.

Also, my rootfs archive is around 1G and my current build is > 4G on a SD.

I've not decided yet if i will slim down under 4G, or bloat ?

My current limit is 8G, but if most of you use 4G cards, i may reconsider.

Also, do you want fixed IP adress on all interfaces + ssh activated by default ?

I will probably create a default user (op/op), but do you prefer no user at all, and create yours ?

Tell me.
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I'd prefer to have no user and setup it on my own;

i usually dont like default users/passwords not just because out of security - i just would like to choose it on my own (i tend to use the same username on all of my systems)

also fixed ip addresses are not possible everywhere, so going that way would also create some nuisance.

starting ssh by default would be great, also wifi. does slackware support the current internal wifi? (sorry if that was already asked somewhere else) - if so, i'd really like to have ssh+wifi setup as default. but thats merely a matter of personal taste :)
I though of default ip adress for pple (like me) who wants to put hands inside quickly from a PC.

Yes, wifi works.

Dhcp would be best as default.

Also custom usercreation please and < 4gb would be great.

Eager to try this!
yes leave the IP as default as we can get the router to assign our devices with a static IP if we need to.
avahi and mythtv would be awesome

oh, and wifi in non-powersave by default would be nice :)
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Avahi was on my build list. Missed a dependency. Will look closer.

How to enable wifi in non-powersave (or disable wifi powersave ^^)?
"(sudo) iwconfig wlan0 power off" is the command to disable powersaving. This can improve speed quite a lot.

I always wonder why no simple zenity-switch is implemented in official firmware, cause it would definatly improve the situation.

also with "(sudo) iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M", connection can be stabilized. I don't even see a reason to have the default automatic value, as it only causes problems.
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Added iwconfig wlan0 power off.

For the rate 54M, i'm not sure it won't cause trouble on some AP.

Avahi is ok, and i'm currently compiling mythtv. Hope it will finish ok ^^.
well, the default value "automatic" definatly causes trouble with quite some ap's, while 54Mbit/s seems to be widely compatible ;)
Took the whole night to compile mythtv at 500mHz.

Said no database, but i presume i had to create one before.

Here's the final days.

I'm a bit disappointed that a new OS doesn't excite much people... I expected more request.

Anyway, i will update the first post soon, explaining the features of this year-long interesting work.

I can build packages until the very end of the contest, so if you still want something special, just ask.
don't feel bad! when people start trying it out, i think they will start to honor your work and ask for more (as usual)

for me, personally, i don't have used linux very much - just for cross compiling my own stuff, so i don't even know what packages could be handy or not :)
Here's the final days.

I'm a bit disappointed that a new OS doesn't excite much people... I expected more request.

Sounds cool, but with no release to play around with yet, there's not a lot people can say about it.

I'll certainly test it when I get my Pandora.