Slackware for Pandora 14.1

Pndmanager is also included and works, no need to install its .pnd, just run it from the menu.
Hi, i have these errors

This is bug of SBOPKG failed to sync, pls help

This mean "Can't connect to server" the wifi is working in seamonkey, firefox...
Ok! I installed a newest version of SMTube and works! now the SMPLAYER (and the others players) dont work the music and videos, any solution?
Updating SMTube can't affect MPlayer.
Xmms is the de facto choice as a music player.
in my version of 14.1 (uname says 3.2.80 May 29) I can't set the hardware clock. After reboot or suspend it shows the old settings. I always have to start SZ to set the clock .

Thanks for help .
A quick information, Slackware ARM 14.1 is EOL since 1st september 2016.
That means there's no more security updates, so same for SL4P-14.1.

I pushed what seems to be the last SL4P-14.1 build some weeks ago.

I'll probably push the 14.2 as the new stable soon, even if bluetooth still not work, and MPlayer isn't optimized.