Picodrive And Gpfce Updated


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Aug 23, 2005
I've recently ported PicoDrive to Gizmondo and PSP, and fixed some bugs and added features in the process. So this is an update to the latest codebase.

Those who still play SegaCD games can now compress their ISOs to CSOs to save SD space (CSO is ISO compressor format widely used in PSP scene). Other than that it's just some minor tweaks, like Snatcher no longer requiring "accurate timing", etc.
  • Added .cso ISO format support. Useful for non-FMV games.
  • It is now possile to force a region after the ROM is loaded.
  • Fixed a sram bug in memhandlers (fixes Shining in the Darkness saves).
  • Added additional low volume levels for my late-night gaming sessions (in stereo mode only).
  • Added "fast forward" action in key config. Not recommended to use for Sega CD, may case problems there.
  • Some minor generic optimizations.
  • Patched some code which was crashing under PSP, but was working in GP2X/Giz (although it should have crashed there too).
  • Readme updated.
  • Some other small tweaks I forgot about.
download 1.35
source code

Gpfce finally fixes the long standing bug in SMB3 involving missing ground (I hope). But I have not added complete open bus emulation (open bus emulation inaccuracies were the cause of the problem), because most other games don't seem to require it. It would be nice is somebody played SMB3 from start to completion without using warps and reported back.

Complete changelog:
  • Improved open bus emulation, fixes missing ground in some SMB3 levels.
  • Improved auto frameskip behavior in cases when emu is not fast enough to maintain 50/60 fps.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some key combo configurations from working.
  • Some other minor changes.
source code
may i be the first to say, thank you! i'm the guy who asked for the "fast forward" key :D
shining in the darkness and phantasy star 2 here i come :D
it's good to see that you're still working on an already great emulator, just to add the finishing touches and all the extra stuff!
thanks again mate :D
great news! It's so nice to hear that you are still working on these two gems from time to time. Should be pretty much perfect now I guess.
notaz said:
It would be nice is somebody played SMB3 from start to completion without using warps and reported back.
Give me a few days on that one.

Thanks Notaz.
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Blah said:
imhotep said:
notaz said:
[*]Added .cso ISO format support. Useful for non-FMV games.
Why no good for FMV games also?

Presumably, with the added workload of decompression, FMV games would be unplayably slow.

Not unplayable, but fps hit is noticeable. Not necessary a problem, most FMV games run @ 10-15 natively anyway, so they don't need to be emulated at full 60fps.

Jaguarandine said:
Why are you so good to us Notaz? :)
Probably because after spending so much time on these projects it's hard not to do a few more tweaks. I'm still using them myself, now playing "Sonic Megamix 3.0" on PicoDrive, which is commercial quality Sonic 1 hack, highly recommended for all sonic fans!

sehs33 said:
vote_deleteROM+=1; //for both emulators
I usually avoid such destructive features like this, but as this is not the first time I'm asked for this, probably will add in the next update, whenever it is.
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