Picodrive 1.51

kerplunk said:
Love the Bin/cue to CSO/mp3 conversion tool. It is working great!

I do have a question...Has anyone been able to play Book 2 in the Shining Force? I have completed book 1 w/o problems. In Book 2 the screen freezes right after the intro scene when a character attempts to leave. I have tried 2 diff't bin/cue files in iso/mp3 format and cso/mp3 format. No luck. The music continues to play. Any help would be appreciated.

I have. But as Notaz says, I had to tinker around to enable a load of compatability stuff before I got past.
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"better sync" option corrected the problem! :D Now I can finish this game! Thanks Notaz and Moxie! And from what I can tell the "better sync" option does not noticeably slow down the game.

Hey, i dunno if it was already reported but i found a graphical issue in "Pirate! Gold" game, ship and clouds shadows are not handled properly in open sea, with 8 bit renderer they are blue and should be black, in other modes, they are simply not displayed.

Well, i think its not very important but its interesting to report it anyway. :)
Thanks for this emu, I found a glitch on "the steel empire", before reaching the 1st stage boss, there is a part where the train rail shows wrong. i'm usign the us [!] version.