Picodrive 1.80

Any chance of the PSP update to Picodrive 1.80 happening now as there is a high demand for it from the PSP users of Picodrive PSP as we haven't had an update in years with Pro C Beta having a feature currently allowing for opening the extra memory of the 2000 - E1000 PSP's. for homebrews I don't see how it can't be ported back for a PSP update now to take the new firmware feature of extra memory being the first ever emulator for the PSP taking up this feature properly other than of course the Ad-Hoc emulator which uses it as well.

Yup, it's in a major demand we PSP users definitely would like you to try and do something with our handheld version as well if thats possible now with the function of the new CFW found here with the extra memory for homebrew feature.

It will also give me incentive to try out the Beta before the final of this CFW comes as well as to use my PSP even more.

Here is the setup for the new CFW to prove that the unlock extra memory of the later PSP's isn't a joke and that a Picodrive 1.80 for the PSP could be a start of something special to add more life to the rest of it's lifespan with the Vita takeover.

Any hope of an update at some point? Version 1.80 broke SVP (Virtua Racing) and Japanese MCD compatibility so it would be nice to have these in addition to 32X/SMS support.
Is there any chance of picodrive being ported to android with hardkey support? If anything it will help stop people paying for md.emu which uses picodrives code.
There is a port of an earlier version available on a russian site and it runs good but controls don't work