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Well, I had better hopes for Rockchip SOCs. Rk3288 or rk3399 were kind of well supported eventually. But I'm lately more skeptical. RK3568 and RK3588 and others seem to need blobs even to init RAM, and there may be no source for ATF (TF-A), so even more unavoidable blobs than OMAP5.
And in the U-Boot mailing list they had to leave rockchip support somewhat broken in the last -rc1 because the integration of these blobs isn't ready yet (in mainline, not in vendor U-Boot). They're discussing how to deal with Rockchip blobs, but the real solution would be to get RAM well initialized with free source code in TPL. I don't know if they will ever replace blobs with free code. On the plus side, I think RK3399 used to use blobs too at first and eventually someone (from Rockchip initially) wrote free code for RAM init in TPL ported from coreboot (for chromebooks, originally in 2016 by Rockchip) .
You can browse the thread [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] if you want... Maybe I'm just being pessimistic...
Update 2024: Rockchip seems to have droped some source and Collabora seems to have free TF-A sources built for RK3388. DDR init is still a blob and I think the GPU needs proprietary firmware too. Just one less blob.
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Yes, having the time to post anything was remarkable haha. I didn't know how much I could talk about things without messing up so yes left it summarised. :)
Well, nothing that's written on Discord is secret :D
I wonder if this Rocket-Ship will be fast enough to allowe the Pyra to run the PPSPPPP PSP Eulator...
( or the Speed Increase whe get when the Audio Issue is solved)..
I wonder if this Rocket-Ship will be fast enough to allowe the Pyra to run the PPSPPPP PSP Eulator...
( or the Speed Increase whe get when the Audio Issue is solved)..
Even the Pandora can run PPSSPP already, with some games fully playable. So this should work for most games with the OMAP5 as well.
I can imagine that there are other issues at the moment that prevent it from being working properly...?
Asked Wally on Discord, he was a bit moaning as he allready explain it.. I think i have to search the answer he made on weekend myself..
Would be cool to have some sort of PSP Portable whit the Pyra..
I wasn't moaning, it's just we've told you many times on discord that you could always compile it yourself :)

However the intention is to compile and work on a new build, it's just other things are taking priority over that, especially commitments with life and having fun in my own time, not pleasing others continously (which is a mistake i've made in the past).

There's lots of little libraries required to run PPSSPP and we need to chose wisely..
other things are taking priority over that, especially commitments with life a Pyra and having fun in my own time
I think you had mixed up your priorities for a second.

You're welcome for the correction :p

Seriously though, I really appreciate you still supporting the Pyra community, even if you've had your Pyra now for nigh on two years now (could it be that long?), and obviously life has now moved on.
Shame to @Wally for not reporting everything !!

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Just a snipped from Discord: Might be whe will move soon to Debian Bullseye ^^

Oh and "Matzes Zeugs" gets a Video Break until he passes the Test for the Licence for the "Sachkundenachweis für Freiverkäufliche Arzneimittel" .. even if there is something quite awesome until march on Pyra DBP..
Its not that worse as its sounds, you need to know a few laws, have to remember you biologie stuff from shool , and have to reconice a few herbs and tell what they are for.. and there are lots of questions to answer.., 55 in the Test, and you have won when you have 30 correct..

Its for selling Bee Medicine but also contains a lot of other topics,

I think when im done whit this test, i will try to learn french but only for my private joy..
Aaaand here you go :)

Here are pictures of the new Copper color and the silky smooth matte black.

These are just quick test samples (the parts haven't been properly cleaned) which is why you can see some dust speckles in some areas, that won't happen with the final cases, of course.


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The black one looks quite cool, but the copper might be a bit too in the direction of Gold, and whit these more light than on a Christmass Tree LED Bling Bling (früher war mehr Lametta!!) it might look a bit strange ^^
But as i allready have the Ultra Rare Dark Chrome, im maybe not in the position to get asked ..
Copper is not uglly, but I can't help thinking it's electricity conductor and I'll get an electroshock :p. I know it's plastic insulator, it's just what the color inspires.
I'll stay black...
Eight-bit sounds beat cross the glade!
Good folk, lock up iOS, Android gear
Behold the Debian-flashed SD
unless you feel from freedom fear !
Black Pyra! Black Pyra! It wears a pitch black case!
Black Pyra! Black Pyra! It's very smart indeed!
Black - its lid of finest emblem
Black - its batt when it will settle
Its pen is blacker than a plum
its pot is blacker than its kettle
Black Pyra! Black Pyra! With many a cunning code!
Black Pyra! Black Pyra! Those horrid long 2 Months!
Singing example
Underlying music (for karaoke)
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