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I bet the standard pink is a bit more on the pastel side, so that should satisfy most that have been vocal about wanting pink. We can't get ck his sparkles yet, but maybe eventually.
Fiskars scissors are ugly, but iconic. Their orange colour is unique to the recognition of that brand of scissors.

When they voted on it back in the day, orange narrowly won, today I bet the other people would have voted orange too.

Are there any examples of a company that did a wild colour and didn't benefit from it?
Fiskars scissors are ugly
I disagree.

Are there any examples of a company that did a wild colour and didn't benefit from it?
Over here things have become a bit silly. I think I heard a rumor that T-Mobile has some sort of legal right to the pink they use (and it is a nice pink), like a trademark or something. I understand trying to build a brand identity, but it is kinda blah to have everything associated with a company be the same color. Here we at least have a few different shades of red, and that makes it less visually boring when I am looking through the boards/site.
T-mobile in germany is highly profitable though, so much so that it can spend monies on lawyering up and protecting magenta in all sorts of ways. A luxury problem should it ever get to that point.

Of the many standard colours, many of them haven't been used for laptop-like things.
I keep forgetting T-Mobile is in other countries. It isn't the top company here but it is one of the major ones.

Coral red is a pretty distinctive color. I wonder what the standard pinks look like. Maybe a purple or green would stand out.
I'm sorry Pinky, it seems I am unable to aquire a Pyra in Pink for you...
We should all do pink for breast cancer awareness. It would get the pyramid tons of media coverage and also raise awareness
Do we really need to raise awareness of breast cancer?
Isn't that one of the most well known cancers already...

How about an LGBT rainbow coloured Pyra?
The replacement I bought for my broken one came in pre-broken. USB controller wasn't functioning.

Oh that's nice of them to do your work for you XD. Honestly though, getting a broken replacement board? That sucks...