Emails to remaining preorders.


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Feb 3, 2003
Hello Everyone,

Each of you with a preorder will receive an email asking you if you want to upgrade to the 1Ghz version.

This will likely arrive in the next 72 hours (they are being sent slowly).

Once we have established how many people want to upgrade we can then realistically plan for the future.

A follow up email will then be sent detailing further plans.

Please bear with us as this is all processed, it is the only way forward.


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Sounds like an interesting plan. Will this help you gauge how much 'extra help' you'll need to process classic preorders and get your backlog tackled? I wish I had the cash to upgrade my order to help OP and another classic preorderer, but alas. I'm still out of work...
Will you also offer this upgrade-possibility to people still waiting for their 1 GHz orders. I guess they would greatly appreciate that!
But the 400 is the total, and its only Craig's that are getting the Email (I think). Also Ed said it was 17 paid front donations, that doesn't include the ones paid for by new 1 Ghz sales.

I'm hoping the total preorders is less than 200 now.
What about refunds?

Apologies again for the late reply. We expect to complete your refund by the end of this month.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards


So do I will wait for a refund 4+ years as I was waiting for batch1 or Open Pandora Ltd is a kind of joke?
What about the people who already upgraded to the 1 GHz and still don't have their 1 GHz unit?

Are you just asking people so you can get a rough idea on numbers or are you actually taking orders? Because if you are taking payments don't you run the risk of making the whole 1 GHz upgrade drama even worse by adding more people to it? From my understanding you don't actually make any money off the upgrades it just pays for the unit since the initial cash is just gone. However if you have a second batch of upgraders queue jumping the initial 1 GHz orders won't you just risk a refund blitz which landed you in trouble in the first place?

Also I am wondering what incentive is there for someone to upgrade that way when there are obviously issues and they could just do it through Evil Dragon and get their unit straight away?
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there is a long backlog of 1ghz pandoras from craig. better take more 1ghz orders quick
OP needs support. not angry squid arms.


You're all going to get your pandoras one way or another.. :)
Totally confused and stressed out by what is going on!

Have consequently decided to to cancel my 1Ghz order.... I had hoped it would help reduce the pre-order queue but it looks like my money was used for other things.
Refunds were the reason the orders from craig were boned in the first place.. having more refunds will simply cause craig to divide by zero and everybody will be boned.