1Ghz units, how to get one.

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Feb 3, 2003
As you may already know, a small test run of 150 1Ghz Pandora units is being produced in June/July.

What's new:

CPU is 1Ghz (overclockable)

GPU is now 200MHz instead of 110MHz

RAM is now 512MB instead of 256MB

Memory is clocked at 200MHz instead of 166MHz

CPU L1 cache increased from 16KB/16KB to 32KB/32K

Case is new stronger silver version

We already have samples and the 1Ghz version is about 66% faster than the 600Mhz version (this will be updated once further testing is done).

The 1Ghz unit can be overclocked and seems to overclock in a similar way to the 600Mhz version, so speeds of 1.2Ghz-1.4Ghz should be seen.

This run of 150 is expensive, which is reflected in the price. These simply exist because there is a demand for them, even at this price. We know it's expensive and not for everyone - but they will help OP.

These units use all the latest parts, nubs, LCD cable, RAM etc. The unit will be the most solid and best Pandora produced so far.

Email: openpandorasales@gmail.com with the topic '1Ghz Upgrade', then choose:


Buying a whole new 1Ghz unit: $699 plus shipping - these are custom built and expensive. They have the silver case. They will be marked as 1Ghz special test run. I'm sure I and Ed can sign them.

2) (cheaper):

We swap your old unit for a new 1Ghz one.

What you have to do:

Pay $500 + shipping, Send back your unit, we will send you a new 1Ghz silver case unit.

We will keep your old PCB, we may use your LCD, keymat, buttons etc. on your upgraded unit if they are still in good shape.

^ this might be ideal if you have an old, tired Pandora.


If you *just* want a 1Ghz board:

Pay $500+shipping and send back your old PCB, we will send you the new PCB and you do the upgrade yourself. *recommended if you have a unit with the new LCD cable*. Replacing your PCB is a simple job.


If you have a preorder waiting to be shipped you can upgrade to the 1Ghz units by paying the difference.

Email: openpandorasales@gmail.com with the topic '1Ghz Upgrade' for questions.

To comment on this test run in general, see this thread: http://boards.openpa...__fromsearch__1
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Just a quick addition, as quite a few of my customers have asked whether they can upgrade their unit and get the 1GHz version as well:

Yes, of course, this is very well possible.

If you have ordered from me (first batch, second batch or completely new order) or if you have a classic Pandora and want an upgrade for it, you can also send a mail to order@openpandora.org (subject: 1GHz Upgrade).

Please include your order number (if possible) and let me know any details.

The production of those is expected to happen in about 4 - 6 weeks, so if all goes well with the run, they will ship shortly after.

Thanks for your support.
Small update:

As that test run is over, you can just regularly order them in my shop.

They'll ship right away when they're on stock (we got stock each week, so it shouldn't be longer than a few days).
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