What is an excellent game to play on the Open Pandora?

Majin Wamu

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Feb 10, 2014
Hey guys :) I have been wanting to create a friendly post like this for some time but I didn't get around to ever doing it! What do you guys think is an excellent game that should be played on the Pandora? It can be any game, you name it. There are no right or wrong answers. I have played a fair lot of games on it so far but I would like to know what you guys enjoying playing on the Pandora, and who knows? Maybe you will inspire others to play the games you chose.

Just post a game that you enjoy, it doesn't have to be a game you played on the Pandora. This is a great way to make good conversation and expand friendships.

Alright everyone have fun :)
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In my Youtube Account can you see many Videos ;)

One of my Favourite short play Games is:

Not Tetris ^_^
Haha! I really enjoy that one! My mom is always quite a fan of Tetris and one night I gave her this game and didn't let her know about the gravity and it totally threw her off guard haha :)
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DaMummy tells everyone to go away. Don't take it personally :)

There are many excellent games to play on the Pandora. Snowman Reloaded is quite fun. Hard but fun. Dino defense is also quite nice, I hope it gets an update soon...
oh really?! :) Thanks so much _wb_ really that makes me feel so much better, and sadly, I am quite sensitive, even as an adult I always have been, but that makes me feel so much better because I never meant for anyone to hate me. Oh right! That was entered in the competition! I always see it up. I need to check it out. Thanks for your suggestion. You always have something good to say.
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Ah i fogot to recommend Nub Nub,this is so a crazy good Pandora Specific Game ;)

The Game is specialy made for the Pandora and be played over the 2 Nubs and Shoulder Buttons.
Right! I actually just downloaded this the other day. It is an interesting game, like nothing I have ever really played before. I enjoy it very much. Good work _wb_!
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nub nub is a pretty popular game. That is two votes wow :) I can't wait to get my games on the repo. Maybe someday someone will recommend my games.
Can I do two?

Pandora Microbes (Another one from _wb_) is great fun. I find the controls extremely comfortable:


Paper Wars is a very fun turn based strategy game with beautiful graphics:

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Stepmania. I flipped out when u found out it was on pandora