Vienna is worth a trip!

Which one? So many of them feel applicable on any given day.
Achilles and the tortoise was the one that came to mind. :oops:
Edit: That said, the Dichotomy paradox is actually a better fit. Same idea, but with a fixed target.

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offtopic. Best Vienna Cover imo.

ED. Thanks for the update. Thanks for al the inside info. always great to read what's going on!
It wasn't a tortoise, it was an eel.
Really? I am failry certain that zeno explicitly mentions a tortoise.

OT awesome news. the instability sounds like an annoying issue, but you guys have fixed stuff like that regularly in the past, so I am sure you'll find out what's going awry there soon. I wish I could have been in vienna drinking a beer with you guys!

@EvilDragon: you (or someone whose party you'd attend should host one) should host a release party so we can come and celebrate and meet some of the community, when it's done.
This summarizes how I feel about Pandora's keyboard:
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It never pressed straight down, it always wobbles to one side or another like that. It's not a huge deal but makes the tactile feedback feel weird/fuzzy (I'm not fully sure if key pressed right or not).

I'm hoping the shorter travel distance helps prevent the above issue on the Pyra.


That's my heart pounding...
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Curiously, I've always found that due to the Pandora's odd-looking domed keycaps, I always tend to hit it near the top/middle, and tend to press directly down (perhaps mainly due to the way I'm holding it). On the remote control next to me now with rectangular buttons, it's easy for me to press one corner of a button and make the rubber support deform asymmetrically, and not be sure whether I've actually pressed it or not.

I'm confident the ED will make sure the Pyra's more flat lozenge buttons won't have any problems like the cheap remote control for my TV though.