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because all of my different translations of the Quran say, that you should either enslave or kill (many ways are advised for this) people of other religions.
I think there is a misunderstanding here. At least for book religions like Jews and Christians, there are only extra taxes (combined with extra protection) for them. Most religions are ancient and pretty cruel (bible: if you rape a woman you have pay 10 silver coins to her father and merry her). But I think this is pretty offtopic.
I know, that this tax method also exists (still fascist),

but also regard these:

"Sura 2, Āya 190-193"

"Sura 2, Āya 216-217"

"Sura 2, Āya 223"

"Sura 3, Āya 86-91"

"Sura 4, Āya 34"

"Sura 4, Āya 89"

"Sura 5, Āya 38"

"Sura 8, Āya 12"

"Sura 8, Āya 17"

"Sura 9, Āya 5"

"Sura 9, Āya 14"

"Sura 9, Āya 29"

"Sura 9, Āya 111"

"Sura 9, Āya 113"

"Sura 16, Āya 10"

"Sura 17, Āya 33"

"Sura 24, Āya 2"

"Sura 24, Āya 62"

"Sura 33, Āya 61"

"Sura 40, Āya 10"

"Sura 41, Āya 24"

"Sura 44, Āya 16"

"Sura 47, Āya 4"

"Sura 48, Āya 20"

"Sura 48, Āya 29"

"Sura 60, Āya 1"

"Sura 61, Āya 4"

"Sura 61, Āya 9"

"Sura 98, Āya 6"
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the defining symbol of what has devastated much of Europe and led to the industrial slaughter of the eleven million victims of the historically absolutely unique Holocaust and to the tens of millions of war casualties. It is also forbidden to propagate Nazi ideology or deny the Holocaust in public.
The defining symbol for the continental genocide of the native americans was the christian cross and these were even quite a lot more people, if you want to go by numbers.

Hundreds of tribes!

The difference? These crazy greedy people with the cross won, while the crazy greedy ones with the swastika lost.

This difference regarding the symbology of murderers is an insult to all the other victims of genocide in the world, including the (also many more) ones of Mao and Stalin, f.e.

What was it again with the 130.000 dead people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Oh right, stars and stripes. oO

Either you forbid all of these symbols or none.
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I can see the reasoning behind forbidding the symbol, it just doesn't do any good. In the end there are still people stupid enough to follow twisted ideas of hate. I wish they could just keep using the svastica instead of desecrating even more symbols.
Adolf ate Cherry Cake, lets vorbit Cherry Cakes..

I have read a Book about Hitler not long ago, its was about a alternative Reality where Hitler wake up in 2010 in Berlin, whitout the SS, the Party or Eva, but whit Angela Merkel as Kanzlerin etc..

The book will come out soon in englisch: "Look whos back"

Its wrote in the Perspektive of Hitler and is realy gread as its a parody of the modern Media World as Hitler became a own TV Show etc..

Its no Nazi book , more a real satire..
Am i the only one here who experiences frequent crashing to desktop while playing rtcw on my 1ghz pandora? I can't go even 5 minutes without the game crashing on me :(
Am i the only one here who experiences frequent crashing to desktop while playing rtcw on my 1ghz pandora? I can't go even 5 minutes without the game crashing on me :(
I have no use running RtCW on my Gigahertz Pandora.

Are you using latest Firmware?

Which driver version are you using?
I just upgraded to SZ 1.55. According to the RtCW setup screen, my driver version is OpenGL ES-CM 1.1
This is seriously bothering me. Could it be a hardware issue? I have had weird glitches with opengl since i got the pandora. Do other people have opengl glitches in every game that uses opengl?
Try to upgrade your driver, using the beta driver PND (go there ) and installe release of the drivers. They will work well for most (exeption I know of are mupen64plus r1 and RickyD)  of the OpenGL PNDs.

The RtCW PND should have warned you (or may be I screwed up the warning in the PND?) that with default driver, you'll get some artefact.

Also, on the french forum, we have seen that RtCW doesn't like overclocking  very much. Are you overclocking or running at stock 1Ghz?
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This is a picture of me running minetest on my pandora. The graphical glitching you see occurs in all opengl game. In rtcw, this glitch appears on all the trees and a few other objects in the game, but everything else appears fine. Could this glitch be related to my crashes?
No, that's two differents things.

Thoses graphicals glitches are well known, but no workaround has been found (looks related to Z testing with txture using Alpha discard, so mainly seen on vegetation or fences in most games). Update the driver and they will disapears.

The crashing are something else. Are you overclocking?
i was indeed overclocking. i will try without next time and see how far i get :)
i was indeed overclocking. i will try without next time and see how far i get :)
I have seen that in the french forum. The overclocking that was working with other games (even Jedi Knight wich is a similar engine) but was crashing with RtCW. Lower the overclock and it runs fine.
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New build on the repo. I used the improved AutoAim code from Emile's Belanger port of RtCW of Android. It should be a bit easier, has bullet hit more often their targets now.

Build 04


  • Improved AutoAim (from Android port)
In the new version, I got killed and the left nub stopped functioning.  Exited the game and still not functioning.  Tried to reset the nubs but still not function.  Restated the machine and it functioned again :)   Anyone has the issue?