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2This is the cert from logging into It might be the cert you need, but probably isn't. I can try to take a look at wireshark later.


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Unfortunaly ..a short Test say no from here.
I still can't login.

Downloaded the jre9 "(server only)" Version and replaced it on my Desktop Folder.
Started it and the same login Error.

Then i deleted the old Appdata and let the Version download all Files new...
...same Error.

I think we must wait for @edgex004

another it not possible to say Java to accept all Certificates?

Its late here too i go to bed now,gn8 ;)
Too bad. Have you transisted your account to be a Mojang account? I hadn't and needed to do so in order to log in.
I tried checking out the login attempt on the Java9 client PND. I couldn't determine anything useful. I am suspecting that Wireshark on the Pandora stops recording after a second, as after a second I got 1-5 packets and then none after that until I restart recording. Therefore I'm thinking I missed the login. I might be able to try on a laptop later, but honestly I'm not sure what to look for as I've never used Wireshark before.
I have uploaded a new version of the jre (server) version of the Launcher. This time, I took all the "security" folder (cacerts and all) of a jdk8 distribution to replace the one in the jre folder. Maybe it will work better this time?
Yay it work...i do try some Things to optimize and then i will make a Video of it.
Thaaaanks :D

Optifine do not work as you said. ;)
Have up to 6 FPS in my short Tests.
Maybe i can get more FPS here with replacing the RessourcePack against a more tiny Pack.

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So, I have update the minecraft pnd, but I only put it here as a beta for now.

Here is it: minecraft.pnd *EDIT* link remove, the version is on the repo.

Please report how it's working, and if it worth updating the one on the repo.

The news are:
* Used JRE8 from Azul (it's an eval, not sure of the limitations, seems to works fine)
* Compatible with version 1.13+ (be warned, it seems much slower then 1.12)

If the JRE8 doesn't work well enough, I have a fresh build of JDK11 ready to roll.
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did not have Time @the Moment.

I do not forget that nice PND.

-Had Holiday in Würzburg and wow that is realy a nice City.
-had installed a newer Android for a Friend,
and i am nearly daily 10Hours @work + Driving Time 2H/Day

@the Moment in my tiny little free Time i fight with an older DualCore Laptop for the Father of my Wife to install:
Windows10,UbuntuLinux and AndroidX86 with Multiboot on one HDD.

And one of the Problems is my Wife.
Nearly every Free Day i have...she want to somewhere other with me....swimming....visiting Parents....Birthday there...or just shopping.

the only thing i used my Pandora last Weeks is Partitionating an ssd with Gparted.

I did not forgot your PND and your afford and i am thankfull for that..but in the Moment i do not have the Time for Minecraft.

Maybe in near Future :)

Thanks for creating that PND..i am curious to try it soon :)
I have pushed the latest minecrat pnd to the repo.

Build 10

  • Updated libs
  • Added lwjgl 3 (so compatible minecraft 1.13+)
  • embedded a JRE 1.8
(still, minecraft 1.13+ is much slower than 1.12,you've been warned)