Release Naev

Okay i made me a Script for it with little researches over google :)

simply start that Scriptfile on your SD Card:

zenity --info --text="this will create a 1GB Swap File and use it,writing to SD will take some Time"
gksudo dd if=/dev/zero of=./swapfile2 bs=1024 count=1048576
mkswap ./swapfile2
gksudo swapon ./swapfile2

and Whoops then you will have 1GB Swapmemory on the SD :)

(i want to use Swapon when i need it now :)
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New build on the repo. Some had an error with a missing pulse library. i fixed that, and freshen the source and data also.

Build 03


  • Latest 0.6.0-beta2 sources and datas from git
  • Udated embeded libs.
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Build 04

  • Disabled OpenAL (it segfaulted, sdl_mixer is working fine)
Build 01

  • disabled sdl_mixer, it segfaulted (openal is working well)

strange, is the situation now swapped? overall, what is the reason for this error-proneness here?
strange, is the situation now swapped? overall, what is the reason for this error-proneness here?
Yes, it's swapped.
I don't remember what was happening at the beggining.
Now, with OpenAL segfault, I have analysed a bit, but it's something deep inside OpenAL itself, and it's really tricky (and valgrind doesn't help). Also, the crash happens after all the loading of Naev, so it's quite boring to debug. SDL_mixer and OpenAL backend seems functionnaly equivalent so I disabled.
I hacked Tremor support instead of regular Vorbis, so it may be just that...
New build on the repo, with updated sources (v0.7.0!) and updated libs (now using gl4es).

Build 05

  • Updated sources (v0.7.0)
  • Updated libs
  • Switched to gl4es
Hi i tried id and it work nice.
Had to set my own Control Settings and after that i can fly wonderfully with Dpad and Nubs.

The only Thing what i little dislike is the Mouse Pointer Flickering ;)

Thanks for the good work :)
Here a little Commercial Video :p
Changed the video in 1st post.

About the mouse pointer, not sure there is an easy way. The X11 cursor will always blink when using OpenGL on newer SGX driver, and the only reasonable solution is to have the mouse cursor handled as an OpenGL graphics, like the other stuffs.