Faster delivery/upgrade - Craig's orders

how much does it cost to upgrade from $5oo usd to the DM3730 if possible?
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Prices are the same as Ed posted, but in £/$ they re:

It's £69.99/$111 ex VAT. (If you're outside the EU).

The ED's shop 1ghz upgrade cost ~$407, but 1-2 days ago I learned that I'm ordered my Pandora in Craig's shop (not ED's) - what a mess, there was no options in beginning.

SO - Question to Craig : - can I have upgrade for real £69.99/$111 or not? after two years of nothing - I'm agree to pay ~100 $ for upgrade(upgrade something I have no use 2 years))) ) but i'm absolutely nave no free ~400$ for feeling myself an idiot (I can do it for free)
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I've paid the $111 upgrade and craigix was shifting a whole heap of units till the refund issue popped up. I've waiting well over 2 months now and there is little to no info on what happens with these non 1Ghz upgrades.