Upgrade your Classic CC Pandora to a brand new GC one!

@ ED,

I've just ordered again, this time everything went well, I received a confirmation mail from your gp2x.de shop :)

I hope my credit card won't be charged twice though ;)

Bye and thanks !

Magic Sam
So this is a paying upgrade for 512MB Ram.

From what i understood from the original announcement was that once all CC boards where shipped pre-orders left would be filled in with the GC (512MB) boards for the same price (ref).

What should waiting preorders do? Cash up or wait and hope to be lucky? Is that discount still going to apply if we get a 256MB?

Sorry for spoiling the fun but i'd really like to know.

This doesn't affect outstanding preorders, those will get NEW PCBs (we can't deliver USED ONES here, can we?), so anyone still waiting will get the 512MB version anyways.


this is more clear with this.

you should update your 1st post, lot of people could get the confusion too.
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@ED: my credit card has been charged 239,96€ two times (I reordered because the first time it didn't work out well). What should I do to have a refund ?

I sent you my Pandora yesterday, please let me know when it safely arrives in Germany :)

Bye, Magic Sam
Now I've finally gotten my thumb unstuck (as we say in sweden) and ordered a board replacement and case upgrade. Will pack the lil' panda in a box one of the next days and send it out on an international trip - Very scary! She is only little! :D

ED, what is the general expected turnarond time?
Hi ED :)

I've been at the post office this morning to grab my upgraded Pandora :)

It is so much better now: no more weird noises coming from it, the touchscreen stands still, the shoulder buttons are way more responsive, etc...

Bye, and thank you very much for your hard work !

Magic Sam

ps: weird, my message is displayed from the end to the beginning...

ps2: I had to edit my post on another computer to solve the display issue, maybe a bug in Midori ?
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