Upgrade your Classic CC Pandora to a brand new GC one!

Hi ED,

Here are my questions :

1) Does the cost of €180 include delivery charges, my guess is that it does not but it could be worth mentioning this in the original post.

Nope, as shipping costs vary from each country to each country.

Within the EU, it's usually 16 EUR, within Germany 4 EUR, worldwide about 27 EUR.

You can also add other stuff from my shop without additional shipping costs, so a Retrode2, Everdrive, etc., in case you want one :)

2) What actual benefits will a 256MB user see after upgrading to the 512MB version compared to running with ZRam / swapfile enabled, what games/software run better with the new SGX?

Nothing Linux related I guess (unless you use a lot of desktop stuff or FireFox with a lot of tabs), but mcobit reported some Android games that work on the new PCBs that won't work on the old ones.

This question is a bit hard to answer - it's like:

"What actual benefits has a PC with 512MB RAM and a RadeonHD6100 compared to a PC with 1024MB RAM and a RadeonHD6200."

3) If my CC unit is under warranty and suffering from case cracks will there still be a charge for upgrading the case?

I normally replace all the parts that have cracks, so you won't get a completely new case.

4) What would it cost to upgrade to a 1Ghz Pandora i.e. one with the new DM3730 processor?

Haven't calculated this yet in EUR, but should be roughly the same as the prices Craig mentioned in USD.

Then im Happy whit my old Pandora (whit new Case)

By the Way EvilDragon: do you have my Pandora yet??

I dit send you 2 Pack Honey Bonbons in this Packet :)

Thanks :D Got it, but haven't opened it yet :)
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Thanks for doing all these repairs ED. My 1st Batch Pandora is also happily on its way to you :)

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Glad to hear my Pandora is savetly arived, ok the worst case was if it would be lost on the way, because, i dont think it would wreck on the postway, this thing is realy tought, only the hinge isnt that good..

now i have to wait unti i get it back , thangs for the nice service ED,

DHL was realy fast, i gave the Packet yesterday morning tho the DHL Shop..
Any news about those pre-order one's that were supposed to be shipped off at the end of May yet ED?

Well, my preorders are pretty much advanced. I've got about 100 Batch 1 and 200 Batch 2 preorders left, delivery still continues.

The speed of those preorders depends on the sales and upgrades we have. Production speed is not an issue anymore, 250 per week are possible.
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The speed of those preorders depends on the sales and upgrades we have. Production speed is not an issue anymore, 250 per week are possible.
Then why did Craig say that they would all be shipped at the end of May? This is starting to get real confusing :wacko:
Further to that, why haven't (Craig's) upgraded orders been shipped, if production speed isn't the problem? I thought that was half of the point of upgrading an order?
Please let us know if/when ithic.com is possible!
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Nice, was planning on upgrading my Pandora that has the LCD issue so needed a repair anyway. Will probably send it next week.
Excellent. I will use this to get a pandora with working Wifi :)
Hm. Just a thought. It was the DS lite hinge that was possible to substitute, and thus get a screen that stops at two positions, right? Now, if I happened to pack such a hinge with my pandora, and sent it to ED for a new board and case as per the original post, might it then happen that it came back with the DS hinge installed? Just a thought, mind...

From gp2x.de shop:

Be sure to include a note with your name and your Upgrade-Order number in the package.

What's this Upgrade-Order number ? I placed my order yesterday, got payment confirmation from moneybookers.com, but no Upgrade-Order number...

Bye and thanks, Magic Sam
When you finish the order at the GP2X Shop, you should have received an email with your order number.

If not, login to the shop and check your order history. It should be there.

If something went wrong (i.e. you closed your browser at the moneybookers payment screen and not went back to the shop page), simply make a new order using Money Order and mention in the comments that you ordered and paid via Moneybookers already but something went wrong.
@ ED,

OK, something went wrong. My last orders in the history are from 2010 :(

I'll try to make a new order with Money Order...

Bye and thanks !

Magic Sam


I've looked into using MoneyBookers but they want 10% of sales for the first 180 days in the US as a "reserve". That seems a bit excessive. Will you continue using Moneybookers/Skrill with your new site design, or have you found a new merchant account provider along with Prestashop. Prestashop recommends Skrill/Moneybookers from what I've seen.

Sorry for the off topic here.
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