A daily report from the Rebirth

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Sep 28, 2011
OK, here's my last and final report:

Since thurseday my thumbs are useless (Lids, lids, lids...) and I couldn't write any report on my Pandora. Now I've got a real keyboard and can finally do my duty.

The work is mostly done and all in all I completed about 500 Housings to go to GC during the last 1 1/2 weeks.

Some more small stuff is prepared like putting the other LCDs into the housing.

On Friday the boxes have arrived. They are great and everything fits in perfectly.

We (me and Link) also repaired some Pandoras. After Link left ED also repaired some forther ones.

I could improve the Lid-making-speed. YOu can for example role the LCD-cable dotecrly around the Wifi cable. No screwdriver is nececarry. (Yust an information for the other two great helper).

We not only started the mass, but also the mess production. I'ver never seen so much packaging trash. The chinese are crazy. Two og the three spare parts of the new chargers were in a (much too big) plastic bag. 1000 charger = 2000 litle plastic bags and a lot of boxes.

I also cleande up ED's room three times and it didn't help much. After 2 Days everything was worse than before. I couldn't beat that challenge. It's impossible to keep that roo clean :D .

Global Components was so great. there's nothing which might cause the Pandora to fall if such a great company supports us.

In the last Weeks I got a lot important knowledge about what's inside the Pandora. Perhaps you'll get some nice surprice during the next weeks.

Hopefully I didn't forget some important facts.

And in the End:

EvilDragon, Link and Linux-Swat, thanks for the great time with you!

Thanks to all who supported us on this thread and on all other places!

End of the rebirth


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Mar 8, 2008
Locking, as per request. :)

Congratulations on all your hard work, guys - it's clearly paid off!
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