Release Yeti3D Pro, with added gameplay and a map editor (update: public release 3!)


Jul 9, 2011
Public release 4 has been released! This version is mainly for polish, fixing the gun model glitches, using the nicer font for everything (not just menu items) and a few other minor gameplay tweaks. Get it using the link at the bottom of this post (binary/editor and source archives also updated). This is probably going to be the last update before I mod the engine further for a new FPS game based on Yeti3D.


This is a port of Yeti3D Pro ( by Derek J Evans with various tweaks, bugfixes and improvements. There are sounds, items that can be picked up, enemies fight back (kinda), etc.



It's pretty simple, just find the exit (it's a floating blue diamond type thing) and shoot up anything that gets in your way before it gets you first.

There are two items that can be picked up, health and ammo (looks like a yellow ankh).

Enemies will run at you until they can see you and then they'll shoot. their aiming is a little dodgy right now and they don't seem to be very good at aiming up and down.



Controls are a bit old-skool but they should be pretty comfortable if you've ever played Doom/Quake etc.


Fn+Q (escape): Quit instantly.


Menu controls:

B: Select things, and advance

X: Go back

Up/Down: Move through menus


Game controls:

D-pad: Move and turn

L+R: Strafe

X: Fire

A: Jump

Y/B: Look up/down


There are two different executables in the PND: yeti3d low resolution and yeti3d high resolution.

yeti3d low resolution has pixel doubling (runs at 400x240) but runs at full detail.

yeti3d high resolution runs at full resolution but has lower detail (maybe glitchy graphics / collisions etc).


Current features / improvements over GP2X port:

  • 800x480 resolution (currently half resolution to help with slowdown)
  • 10 levels (after beating last level, end screen is shown)
  • Sound effects
  • Gameplay (items can be picked up, monsters fight back)
  • improved timekeeping (more constant frame rate)

Known issues:

  • Some slowdown
  • Options screen etc. not working
  • glitchy gun model

To do:

  • Graphic detail and screen resolution changing
  • Analogue nubs
  • Looking up/down done better (and/or vertical autoaim)
  • Game stuff (will probably be put into a new game)
Download on repo

Win32 binaries + editor

Source code
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Thanks guys, I just posted a new update which pretty much fixes the slowdown problem by no longer using SDL_Delay (any further slowdown is probably because of the pandora itself - try overclocking, for me it works fine at around 900 MHz). Let me know how it is for you guys!
Hey guys, sorry for the delay as I've been awfully ill the last few days, but I've just updated Yeti3D again. :)
Why is it every time I spot this thread I'm at work and my Pandora is at home... 

Nice one, I will remember to install it at some point honest :)