Update VICE 3.2 SDL1 and SDL2


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Jun 1, 2004
VICE 3.2 SDL1 and SDL2



This is the stable version 3.0 of VICE, SDL2, the multi-platform C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and CBM-II emulator.

- Default settings for: OpenPandora controls, screen resolution, keyboard map for C64, C64DTV and C128, Midi and RS232, Mouse (Joy1), Joystick (Joy2), RTC (Joy 1, SmartMouse) and a lot more tweaks.
- Cheat sheet for keyboard map (C64/C64DTV).
- Added tcpser for RS232. It will start before Vice and stop when you quit the emulator. Tested with Striketerm and V-1541 programs.
- Added terminal option to access VICE utils (c1541, cartconv, petcat).
- Fixed keyboard map not working.
- Latest SVN revision, with lots of fixes. Games like DragonNinja and Navy Seals work fine again.
- Latest beta release. See NEWS.
- Fixed default config.
- Latest beta release, based on r31913.
- Thanks to groepaz and Blacky_Stardust VICE devs for helping fixing a segfault.
- Updated libs and sources.
- Latest beta release, based on r31931.
- Another talk at IRC, and 3 more segfaults fixed related to xcbm5x0, vsid, x64, x64dtv and x128.
- Updates sources.
- Latest beta release. See NEWS.
- Forgot to add keyboard maps...
- Updated sources.
- Latest beta release. See NEWS.
- Updated default configuration for new menu options.
- Latest beta release. See NEWS for latest changes.
- After four years of development and 33 betas, the latest stable VICE version is here!! XD
- Updated default configuration for all computers on new release. Backup and delete appdata/vice-svn recommended.
- Updated sources and compile script included.
- Latest stable release.
- Updated libs and sources.
- Latest stable release.
- Updated default config, libs (latest gl4es release,etc) and sources.
- Updated SDL2 version.
- Changed LIBGL_FB=1 to LIBGL_FB=2, 99%-100% speed at 320x200 resolution.

More info:
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wow, need to try this in the repo... thanks for this...
Wohoooo, nice one :)
I tried compiling it myself a while, but it didn't work :/

Does is support proper VSync and 50Hz? :)
Wohoooo, nice one :)
I tried compiling it myself a while, but it didn't work :/

Does is support proper VSync and 50Hz? :)

Vsync uses OpenGL, but it doesn't compile with that option even on my x86_64 Linux PC.

I can force 50hz, but scrolling it's still less smooth.
I did this just for help testing VICE and to use programs with it.

This is the configure options i used to compile.

./configure --prefix=/mnt/utmp/vice-svn --enable-ethernet --enable-sdlui --without-pulse --without-arts --with-uithreads --with-png --enable-rs232 --without-x --disable-hardsid --disable-ssi2001

Forgot to say i have used Notaz's patched SDL to scale the window.
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Hmm, VSync worked on the old version using notaz SDL as well, so maybe it works.

You know when switching the emulator to 50Hz, you should set the LCD refresh to 50Hz as well for smooth scrolling?
There's omapsdl.cfg on appdata folder, with SDL_OMAP_VSYNC "force_vsync = 1", but SDL_OMAP_FORCE_DOUBLEBUF is commented, as i only see a black screen, but the emulator works.

If you look at start.sh, you will see that 50Hz option line is commented, so anyone can copy the script on appdata folder, uncomment and test it.

Did you see that you need Eclipse to compile it?

I hope someone would be able to provide a make or cmake configuration for this one.

I'm sorry to say I don't know what Eclipse is but I didn't link it as a port request. I think the Pandora screen will be too small for this. I linked it out of common interest ;)
I had a quick count of the lines in one of the more complex images, and I make it to be about 65 lines. If that's a 7 pixel font that'll fit in 480 vertical pixels. Might be tight, but it should fit.

Eclipse is an IDE - a development environment - an editor, compiler, project manager and kitchen sink in one.

Did you see that you need Eclipse to compile it?

I hope someone would be able to provide a make or cmake configuration for this one.

Unless someone give Pandora GTK3 libs or convert to GTK2 the code...is think is not possible. Maybe on Pyra.
From the readme

I use a tool from hell to compile the project that is called Eclipse CDT.

It is crap and you can find my stupid posts on Eclipse support forums

showing why I think so. Devs of Eclipse have never released a stable

version even though it is more than 10 years old. I selected Eclipse

because I wasn't able to find any other IDE for Linux that had proper

wrapper to GDB back in '07. My bad. Should have selected Vi, Emacs or

something. I was able to compile the project on Ubuntu 12.04 recently.

You need to install these libs: gcc, g++, libgtk-3-dev, libasound2-dev,

mesa-common-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev, libglib2.0-dev
The basic architecture isn't all bad, though. OTOH IDEs are highly overrated anyway.
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Thanks :)
The "problem game" I have been having throughout all Linux-handheld C64 emus is Buggy Boy, which has stuttered almost anywhere, will be happy to try it out in this VICE tonite :)
Yeah this is loads better now that I don't have to keep a C64 key layout handy.

Is it possible to load .t64s? I'm not having much luck. Great work all the same!


.d64s don't load either "Error File Not Found" on LOAD "$",8 attempt.
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Maybe i missed something on default configuration.
Check if this option is enabled.

F12->Machine Settings->Taper port Devices->Datasette Device

Good to know someone likes the keyboard map, i will try to make one for every machine, so any feedback or contribution is welcome, ;)