Welcome new and old members!

Load up the Video curently, as my Internet is very slow.. , thangs to upload it linux swat ,

Looking forward to the first Case Pictures to come at the mid of the yeahr..
I absolutely adore the Pyra's Specs including the excellent SOC,  3G / UTMS idea, the new button layout, the fact that batteries will stay the same (Not very common across the board), BACKLIT KEYBOARD WITH RGB LEDS, and the idea that the case production is going to Europe.

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Is there a way, for old Pandora owners, to buy the Pyra bundled whit a empty Pandora Batteriebox??

So i can put my old Pandora in the Showcase, and use the old Batterie for backup batterielive of the Pyra..

Also a carry case and some other accesories would be nice (mybe a silicon Case this thime)..
Nice talk!

It is kind of sad to see a PowerVR GPU once again. I know it is not the easiest thing to find a suitable SoC, but still..

One of those new low-power Intel x86 SoC would have been nice. :D They use less power (both when idle and under load) than the Cortex-A15 cores while being more powerful and come with a GPU with open source drivers and full OpenGL support.
Yeah Intel say that.
What's that supposed to mean? The days where x86 was the big power hungry stuff are long gone. Anandtech (which I don't think have been bought by Intel) did a pretty detailed comparision of the previous generation Intel SoC (those 32 nm chips) against Cortex-A15 and another custom ARMv7 implementation (Krait) and the Intel did very well in comparison. The new ones (22 nm) should be even better.
The main idea is to make the Pandora and its daugther Pyra combatible. So most apps will run on both. This was we can keep this awesome community. Nintendo did this for the Gamecube and Wii and it was a good idea, since the gamecube lived a bit longer with it (zelda twillight princess was released for it) :) .
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Pandora is still the best handheld device out there, Pyra seems to be heaven on earth !

I wish you all the best for the Pyra project.

As soon as preorder are open I'am in !
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Cant wait for the pyra! Thanks ED for this fantastic presentation! Im going too preorder it as soon as it will  be available
Well, we don't even know yet how long the Intel chips will be available...


It would be pretty risky for us...
Well then it is kind of strange to choose TI instead, which (other than Intel) did already discontinue its whole mobile SoC business. There will be no more SoC from TI targeted towards the mobile computing market.

Even if Intel decides to discontinue their SoCs as well, that does not mean that they disappear from one day to another. Usually (and this is especially true for the embedded market), those discontinued chips continue to be available for several years.
Well, we don't even know yet how long the Intel chips will be available...   http://www.tomshardw...2014,25888.html   It would be pretty risky for us...
Some news resources when talking about that rumor specifically mention  that is about smartphone parts as opposed to tablet parts that are inside asus t100, lenovo miix 2 and other tablets. Tablet business isn't going anywhere as are tablet SoCs.

And phone SoCs are supposed to have that crappy PowerVR graphics  as previous intel SoCs that makes them a bad candidate anyway.

I guess the main reason for going with TI is your familiarity with these guys since you've worked with them before and know they offer good support. You simply didn't want to take another risk buying another SoC from another company which you know much less.

And there is binary compatibility issue when going intel.

Well, there is nothing wrong with this since you're quite short of money and this is basically your first time you develop and produce hardware

But that doesn't mean that current intel SoCs are inferior to OMAP in any sense (linux support, availability)
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Well then it is kind of strange to choose TI instead, which (other than Intel) did already discontinue its whole mobile SoC business. There will be no more SoC from TI targeted towards the mobile computing market.
TI have announced their intention to move away from mobile SOCs (very short product lifespan, very high MOC) towards industrial and automotive SOCs (Same technology, longer commercial life, lower MOC)

Since the Pyra will be produced for several years, but in small quantities, this seems pretty much ideal.

With a typical smartphone SOC, there's no guarantee that the same chip will be available in 5 years' time - and no hope of getting fewer than 100,000 per order
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Don't get me wrong, I don't want to bash on the Pyra team in any way. It is a great thing you guys are building a successor to the Pandora. And if the reason for choosing a TI SoC again is the familiarity with TI, I can understand that, but that has never been mentioned as a reason as far as I know. The thing with Intel (or any other manufacturer for that matter) possibly discontiuning parts of their SoC business is kind of a strange reason for choosing one or another, I think. Even if a manufacturer does not say they'll be discontinuing their SoC business does not mean they won't do that in the near future, and yes, CrazyIvan is right that Intel does not plan to discontinue their tablet SoCs.

When it comes to Intel, I specifically meant their tablet SoC, not those phone SoC with PowerVR graphics. Those are more comparable to Cortex-A15 anyway. The A15 is not meant as a phone CPU, but rather a tablet CPU because of its fairly large power consumption (A15 implementations can dissipate up to 8 W). In those cases where the A15 is actually used in phones, it is usually used in that big.LITTLE configuration (which can't be used with the OMAP anyway).

When it comes to binary compatibility, this will be at least tricky even with that TI OMAP, because switching to hard float causes compatibility problems anyway. Also for binary compatibility, all those old Pandora libraries would need to be available.

Edit: About TI moving from consumer SoC to automotive/industrial SoC. I don't know exactly, what they are going to do, but usually automotive parts and especially industrial SoC have a fairly different feature set than those SoC used in phnoes and tablets. So I'm not sure if that would be of any use for future Pyra devices.
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Yes, a lot of people are confusing mobile and automotive business when talking about TI... 

TIs strongest are has always been the industrial / automotive / medical sector.

The OMAP5 will most probably be available to us when the current smartphone SoCs are already out of production.
Just to add that there's plenty other threads about CPUs, no need to discuss that here, especially because it has been choosen.

OMAP5432 is a beast, end of story.