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Mar 4, 2003
Today will be a most interesting day!

I'm currently sitting in the train on my way to the FOSDEM, while Askarus, Fantomid and some other Pandora community members are already there and presenting the Pandora to everyone who is interested.

I've got a Pyra Dev-System in my bag which will be setup at about 2pm (in case the train isn't late) at the FOSDEM - that's when the real fun begins.

Everyone who is at the FOSDEM today and tomorrow is welcomed to try out a first version live and see what we can expect from the future.

This evening will also be the time to finally open the development blog of the Pyra, along with a small development website.

The same time I'll have my talk at the FOSDEM - which will reveal everything I have planned so far for the Pyra.

Let's hope we'll see a lot of old and new members here who will support us all the way to the finished product :D

I'll try to fully record the talk and put it online tonight or tomorrow - so if nothing goes wrong, you will also be able to get all the information you need.

See you later!

EDIT: Oh, and I almost forgot:

We've got Carry Cases, TV Out Cables, Pandoras, 1GHz Upgrade boards and other stuff ready to be sold for a discounted FOSDEM price :)
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Thanks ED.. We're all here behind you.

Looking forward to the first photo/video of the dev unit :)
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We've got Carry Cases, TV Out Cables, Pandoras, 1GHz Upgrade boards and other stuff ready to be sold for a discounted FOSDEM price /../public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
Damn I realy should have gone too there^^
I wish you all fun on the fosdem, im not there but im looking foorward for the video of EDs Speech (hopefully in english not in french)..

And the first pics from the Devkit..

Buy the way: is this allready a Pyra Prototype Board, or just a Devboard from TI whit the Omap??
Saw you a few moments ago, really interested in this project!

Will you be selling Pandoras even after your talk?
Excellent... I'm going to check that live stream link now and hopefully catch glimpse of Pyra mk1
Live stream link: http://streaming.fosdem.org/

Be aware that the live stream is a "best effort" and might not work nicely. If you want the full glory of the talk there are two options:

1) Be there early so that you can get a seat in the room!

2) Wait until EDs video is ready.
Cheers Ivanovic, I'll def check ED's video upload too, but might as well watch the stream if I can too... Give myself a break from this kids telly.

Do we know which room ED will be speaking in, or the event title, so can hop into that correct stream?
a dev board :D , thats sooner than i thought. Is this a commericial (or custom) development board with the soc in mind?

hope those that go film all the important parts for us.
I've got a Pyra Dev-System in my bag ...

The Pandora has offlined me severely these past couple of months.

Oh, no fear it's not offlining me "technically": everything works as it should...

It's just that ever since I started tinkering with this thing there's always been something better to do than read HackerNews or visit "the regular forums"!

Like, if finger was still actively used I guess this piece of news would already make me update my .plan to "Tweaking the Pandora.Pyra announced officially.See you in 2 years... maybe...".