Wait What?

I could make a fortune!, I just had this great idea, I will open a delivery company, we will deliver parcels to the people they are addressed too in an undamaged state, it's a stunning new concept, parcels delivered undamaged in a timely manner to the correct person.........OMG I'm gonna be RICH!

yes, UPS are useless (Craigs post is not unique)
yes, parcel farce force play football with parcels (filmed on concealed camera and shown on TV)
yes, group4 are clueless and employ ex crims for bank deliveries
yes, my local PC shop lost half their shipment of 180 home computers while in the care of Securicor
yes, Post Office lost one CD out of a package and the other was snapped in half (along with it's jewel case), and in another case I received a parcel 4ft x 1ft x 1ft with a hole right through the middle and out the other side and a crushed corner, said parcel marked "fragile, handle with care, keep dry, do not stack"

and what firm was it that bent the original motherboards out of shape? (can't find piccys tho)

I just wonder what is so bloody hard about delivering a parcel, undamaged, on time, to the right person, you think they would have the hang of it by now. :angry:
Reminds me of when I ordered a full drum set online, it was back-ordered for months with no tracking number... when it did ship they left it on my door step over a weekend while I was out on vacation.. They didn't check if anyone was home, it came in 10 boxes or so and the entire set was worth over well over $4000 dollars. Luckily I live in a fairly decent community.

So I guess American UPS is just as worthless.
UPS has always had a habit of signing for stuff themselves and just leaving. It's like some sort of unwritten code they all go by to rush through the work day.

But anyway, Exciting to hear things are finally moving again! *Big middle finger to the Volcano.* Hope to see more pics from the boxes being opened today!
hobbyman II said:
I could make a fortune!, I just had this great idea, I will open a delivery company, we will deliver parcels to the people they are addressed too in an undamaged state, it's a stunning new concept, parcels delivered undamaged in a timely manner to the correct person.........OMG I'm gonna be RICH!
Need an employee?

He he, now wasting time on GP32X technically counts as job hunting.
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I've worked for the US postal service, and UPS in the past, and both outfits are beyond unbelievable! They have both gotten way LAZY in the last 10-20 years, no question about it. The policy is if the delivery doesn't require a signature, it can be left at the door, as long as it is safe and out of view. Which is where the problem comes in, as most grunts just can't be left to make such a decision.

If you have a package insured for hundreds of dollars, they can still leave it if it falls in the above guidelines which is just way silly. I'm sure Craigs delivery was insured, but if a signiture wasn't required, it is up to the driver discretion, and I'm sure with the chaos going on in the UK right now, that driver was just dumping deliveries as fast as possible, and I'm also sure it wasn't the normal driver for that route. The sad thing is, if it had gotten stolen, lossed, or damaged, it would have taken months to recover the insurance due to the craziness going on, and then we would have had to wait longer.

I get several UPS packages a week, and they range from 10-500 dollars, and everyone is left at my door. One in every 25 might require a signature. Years ago, that was just unheard of.

Craig should contact all vendors and specify signature only, and to him personally otherwise this can happen again.

wasn't it DHL who bent the original motherboards all out of shape?, or was that FedEx?

I still don't understand why all these companies are so bloody hopeless at doing their jobs, seems like you need everything sent by international courier if you want it to get to the right place and intact, they all do the "we only have problems with 0.0001% of our deliveries, it just seems like a lot cos we deliver so many parcels" routine when someone takes em to task, and you feel maybe you have misjudged them, then you realise (if you have dealings with mail order) that you are getting more than one "problem" per 10,000 parcels, and so is everyone you speak too, some ones either lying, or they genuinely don't realise just how bad their companies are at delivering goods. <_<

my bet is the staff cover up most of the snafu's since they affect bonus, office efficiency ratings, promotion opportunities or whatever, numbers are not getting up the chain to where they can do some good (imo), it's easier to just muddle along and drop complaints in the shredder (oh! oops! fancy that! oh well!) than try to do anything about it (that may get noticed by management)

I recall a "Cutting Edge" (name of a UK documentary series) documentary about the parcel industry, when shown hidden camera footage of staff from a well known UK letter and parcel delivery organisation stealing parcels, drop kicking em across the sorting room and dumping em in random porches (one delivery guy couldn't read), the rep assured the interviewer it was a "isolated incident exaggerated by discontented ex employees", that was his reply to FOOTAGE of multiple incidents, they live in another world (think tower,ivory,gilt edged pensions,luncheon club, school tie,big paychecks whatever happens, very personal assistant ;) , do I take the Limo or the Jet today? ), one day, some ones gonna get a wake up call :angry:

edit ... word error: guilt vs gilt, damn non context aware spoll chickers ....... :rolleyes: :p
I've got so many parcels delivered to anyone BUT me, or that where delivered like they where at 1 meter from an explosion, that nothing surprise me about delivery companies.
One of my parcel disappeared completely... the company where I bought the products had to send a new package.
Another was delivered to a neighbor that made up a signature but he (she) misspelled my name in it.
Fzero said:
surely they got to get a signature when delivering no?

id have kept quiet and called them and claimed not have received them, couldve been a nice little compensation from ups there

they sound almost as good as royal mail
here around its called stealing mail, YES it is stealing even if it is for you.

as for the event, well i believe they are on a big big rush.

even so, such a big packets shouldnt be delivered if the invoice is not received.
(neither should happen with small but super important stuff, like university application responses IM GONNA KILL THE STUPID MAILMAN, he threw the envelope in the middle of the street cars tripped over, fell on water and neighbor finds it on the night.)

thanks for reminding me i need to upgrade my pandora order to a insurance method of mail
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Heh. Never had a problem here either, Australia Post is pretty good I guess. Sometimes I wish they'd just leave packages on the doorstep, but they do it all by the book.
UPS never bothers to get a signature for me, though I've never had them do something crazy like chuck a parcel over the back fence. USPS just drives by and leaves a "we missed you" note in the mailbox and I have to go pick it up the next day at the post office-they've never once even *tried* to get the signature first. I've not used fedex much, since it isn't offered on sites much for some reason, so I dunno about them. In my opinion, though, UPS is the best, since if something ever goes wrong, they won't have my signature, and I can sue their asses. :lol:
Someone should make a documentary on this whole process once this is done. With all the ridiculous things that have hindered the project it is sure to win documentary of the year!

Or not.
So Craig, what does the "REST of THAT" shipment mean?

Did the entire shipment from Texas get delivered to the garden centre, or did only one palette arrive?