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Feb 29, 2008
More than a year ago an engineer with a lot of knowledge and experience with Amigas (and preceding Commodore computers) took AnotherGuest's UAE4All Symbian sources, our Pandora sources, some PocketUAE stuff and then added big new features (with help from Toni Wilen) to his enhanced Symbian version of UAE4All:

- AGA support

- harddisk support (HDFs and HD-directories) //<- I think AnotherGuest added this one first

- 68020 support

- memory settings

Thanks a lot to AnotherGuest for sending me the sources of his Symbian version so its enhancements could be added to our Pandora version!

According to the Symbian version's Readme the engineer who did most of the work wants to remain "Anonymous"...

Grab the first release of UAE4All 2.0 now from the repo:


Recommended setting for Amiga 1200 emulation: 2MB Chip-RAM, 2MB Fast-RAM, no Slow-RAM, CPU 68020, Chipset AGA, Kickstart 3.1 (512kB "kick31.rom"-file in pandora/appdata/uae4all/kickstarts/)

Not tested yet, but since you navigate with the action buttons through directories another button had to be chosen for selecting a HD directory: press the L-key on your Pandora's keyboard to select a directory as HD-dir.

Old config-files are incompatible - so delete pandora/appdata/uae4all/conf/*.conf

Savestates might be broken (didn't test them yet though).

Also setting CPU speed in the gui currently doesn't work - press the Pandora-button to minimize uae4all and use the system's cpu speed-slider instead to change speed.

Default speed for this PND is now 800MHz which seems enough to play some AGA titles at 50fps (with no frameskip).

Fixed a bug where last used dir wasn't loaded at next start.

UAE4All 2.0 only works with FAME/C core. Cyclone and UAE core are not compatible.

Thus UAE4All 2.0 replaces the old FAME/C release. The old Cyclone and UAE core releases are still available in this release (but they're still UAE4All 1.1 and won't see new features).
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Just tried Team17 Arcade Pool AGA and it runs OK apart from the sound which is stretched / stuttered.

Not a problem though as I'd rather have the game to play without sound than not at all.

Very impressed, many thanks for this.
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The sound issue is fixed for me, still getting the same slowdown on some games as before. Switching frame skip to 1 on Robocod makes it perfectly playable!(although trying to create a save state crashes straight back to the desktop!)

Great work on this anyway, it's fantastic! :)
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Anyone want to try onescapee on this emu and see if it works? It's a good another world clone.
Pinball Illusions runs but is a bit sluggish even OC'd.

Damn I want a 1Ghz machine.
Can somebody please explain how the WHD hard drive games works with this. I have a whole bunch of them zipped up. Within the zip is folders containing the game data. What do I need to do to be able to play these games :(
it's an unoffical version with new track designs patched into it. I think it's also sometimes called the TNT edition (just in case you might possibly want to search for it using Google....)
I prefer the original tracks, but that might also be as they're the ones I played on my Amiga (and C64) back in the day! There's also supposed to be another version, with the original tracks, but with a faster framerate for higher processor Amigas, I'd be interested in seeing how that performs on this new UAE!
OnEscapee is a CD game without a WHDLoad-install. But I've read it can be installed to HD. If the CD isn't needed for playing one could install the game using WinUAE to HD and then load this HD installed version in UAE4All.

Superfrog and Stunt Car Racer TNT always worked flawlessly in UAE4All, but good to know they still do.

Can somebody please explain how the WHD hard drive games works with this. I have a whole bunch of them zipped up. Within the zip is folders containing the game data. What do I need to do to be able to play these games :(
I strongly advise to setup a harddisk in WinUAE.

ClassicWorkbench greatly helps with the procedure: http://classicwb.abi...nstructions.htm

You should download the FULL or LITE version (with others the fonts will be unreadable in UAE4All).

Then all you need are Workbench 3.0 or 3.1 ADFs and you can setup your HD in WinUAE.

The result will be an HDF which you can load as HD file in UAE4All.

Additionally you will want to load a directory on your SD card as "HD dir" - there you can put your WHDLoad games into.

The HD dir is loaded by pressing the L-key in the UAE4All load menu (because with the action buttons you navigate into directories).

With the current version loading HD dirs is broken. In a couple of hours I'll upload a new version where this is fixed.

Enough time to set up a new harddisk... ;)
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New version up now:



- fixed loading HDFs and HD-directories

- added button-combinations [L]+Q and [R]+Q for leaving WHDLoad-games and returning to Workbench (Amiga key PrtScr/Numpad multiply)

- moved floppy speed-setting to "more options"-menu to make space for:

- added "preset system setup" for convenience to main menu:

  • "A500" sets cpu 68000, chipset OCS, 1MB Chip-RAM, KS 1.3
  • "A1200" sets cpu 68020, chipset AGA, 2MB Chip- and Fast-RAM, KS 3.1
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