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Apr 11, 2013
Well, just so this doesn't get all one sided: The guichan UI is Great!!!

Since I branch my version of UAE4All (not using Zaxxon) the first guichan version merge was naturally a bit of a "why did he do this to me"-occasion ;-), but now that its done, merging newer versions is easy again.

The new UI has never caused issues when used via keyboard, I personally had some problems with guichan when using a cursor. But the problems were likely due to my WM (=dwm) and changes I've done to SDL. Fixes I made were all done to SDL and guichan lib, so no fingers pointing at UAE4All in this matter...

The beautiful aspect in the new gui is that the clarity of the guichan UI code is far better than in the previous "SDL only" one. So I really dig the new UI: using the directionpad it is about as easy to use, you can revert to "mousing" if want to and making any changes to code is far easier and less risky.

Also, in the current UAE version the compatibility is high for ADFs scavenged from the net. I'm not going to comment self made(/"copyprotection intact") dumps, because I stopped using them very soon when the way of the game became clear in this respect. Anything without a disk based copy protection mostly works fine. And on the other hand, most games I've made dumps of never even came with a software/diskbased copyprotection, most games I own have sillly manual questions, a map you need to check or some red plastic glasses you have to peer weird writing and symbols through...

The one mysterious title which has failed not only on the current Fame core, but also on the oldoldold Cyclone and UAE core versions is Origins Times of Lore.

It is an odd failure visible right from the start: it is kind of like it was running too fast, but also seems to draw parts of the top of the screen to the bottom.

Every ADF I've tried fails the same way on every version of UAE. It is likely a timing issue, but I find that odd. because I was always under the impression that this game did not do any "neat Amiga specific tricks", it was, after all a "dump" of PC-level graphics to the Amiga+some sampled sounds from C64 to make people happy (OK, that was put in a mean way... not that crudely ported, though the C64 version was THE neat achievement version of this game ;-).

Any tips to fixing ToL (even if that broke down other games) would be appreciated: it would be fun to play through again.

It was also nice to see Shadow of the Beast seems to work again with Fame core, it used to work on Cyclone only...


Oh, by the way: The Turrican issue mentioned in some posts is a very old one: some early cracks failed with the side scrolling level even on the Amiga and also "badly copied disks" would fail when loading the side scrolling shoot em up part. The copyprotection was there, I guess...

I know because I got the original for Christmas and my friends tried copying it from me and they thought they succeeded with a "dongle copy", but sidescroler would not load. They then got the cracked version but that failed at same point and thanks to  the original version I was the only one of us who got to play the levels also _after_ the side scrolling bit during the Christmas holidays :). A working crack did arrive soon afterwards, if I recall correctly...



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Oct 26, 2009
When using the US keyboard layout on the Amiga side, you get the : the same way as on the Pandora itself.