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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is The Orginal Strife - Veteran Edition

The game use the open source game code (based on Chocolate Doom) and use the data from the full game to work.
You need the data for this PND to work. If you have the GoG version, simply put the .exe of the Windows verison of the .sh of the linux version inside apddata/strife-ve and it will be automaticaly detected and extracted. If you have otehr verison (like Steam), put the data inside appdata/stife-ve (*.wad, *.cfg and music and movie folders).
The game gl4es for default rendering. Speed is ok on default settings (on a Gigahertz), but for more fps, go in Settings|advanced|Graphics|Sprites and deactivate "clipping". There is no much changes visualy, but it gives a boost in fps. There is also a software rendere, but I haven't tried it.

By default, nubs are set as mouse button on left and mouse move on right. It can be changed by modifying content of "left_nub" and "right_nub" file from appdata/strife/home

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Some Pandora customization
  • Some ARM fixes

For the curious, the diff for the Pandora version is attached.


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Well, that to you @Magic Sam , without the gog gift, I would not have ported it.

For the story, the port as not been as simple as expected. First I had some strange crash (on joystick code) that was in fact du to the Sound code of the 1st intro movie (the Nightdive logo) were the sound buffer to small and silently put garbage on some other variable (the joystick handlers..). The Pandora prefer large sound buffer...
Then the game was mostly white, I had to add a small info in gl4es (that commit).
Then some geometry was missing. It was, like with ZDoom / GZDoom / Zandronum... some float <-> unsigned int conversion that wont work as-is on ARM and needed a conversion to signed int intermediary step...

I'll put the diff of the Pandora version on 1st post soon.
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You are the number One!

I really like when you give more details when do port something, or explain when you fix the code to work.

Thank to you and @Magic Sam for this.