Release Barony: Blessed Addition

Probably not my latest version. I'll need to update the pnd (but no idea how and if it will work anyway). Let me try to update the pnd first, then we'll see.
I have updated the version. You now will need latest 3.2.2 data file to play. To update, the easiest is to delete appdata/barony/game folder and copy the latest gog sh file (or windows exe) in appdata/barony for automatic extraction. You can also copy the steam data yourself (untested).
I assume this version is compatible with the DLC, but I don't own it, so I haven't tested. There is some DLC key thingy in main menu...

Build 06

  • Updated to latest version (v3.2.3)
  • Updated libs
Hi all,

@ptitSeb : thanks for updating your package, that's really appreciated :)

I'll give it (and the DLC) a go ASAP !

Cheers, Magic Sam
@ptitSeb : no particular reason :D

I haven't tested that DLC yet, but I'll let you know whether it works fine or not ASAP.

Cheers, Magic Sam
So, thanks to @Magic Sam , I have tested barony PND with the DLC, and it works fine. I have added automatic extraction of the key (simply copy the linux or windows package of the DLC from GoG in appdata/barony).
I also noticed some issue with openal sound code. I fixed a few, but it still unperfect.

Build 07

  • Compatible with Myths and Outcast DLC
  • Changed a bit how sounds works.
  • Built with gcc 9.1
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