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Now what about the results of the press conference?
Um, I'll post more about that in the COVID-19 thread, but basically we North Carolinians now have to stay inside from 10 PM to 5 AM.

Because, you know, viruses spread mostly at night. It's the colder air. That's why the virus goes up in winter, don'tcha know?
Yesterday passed away too fast for me, i watched to much Walking Death Session 10, and my daylie Episode from the Skürüm Lets Play from Gronkh.. ^^,
I think i fell asleep around 10 pm (evening),
And now im back at work ..
Shoot guys, I think I accidentally took my night meds this morning instead of my day meds. I wanted to say something, but the pills were already in my mouth before I realized which pills they were.

The only thing I'm really worried about is the Cymbalta. I'm on a higher than normal dose of that already, 90 mg at night. Trying to see if 180 mg is enough to ruin a person. Meh, I suspect my weight protects me a bit.

The other stuff I get at night is melatonin, which is basically impossible to OD on; Klonopin, which I also get in the morning anyway, so no difference there; and Pravastatin, which I don't think I'm on a full dose of anyway.
Well, I slept a good bit today, not much else bad happened.

The evening staff found out I took the wrong meds, and decided to give me my morning meds for the evening, to stay on track. Means I should be good to stay up tonight, heh.
I've had a headache today, but hopefully that's just from the medication screwup yesterday. Due to the way they fixed it, I am on more Invega than usual right now.

It does occur to me that headache is a COVID-19 symptom, along with the fatigue I had yesterday. Fever's still the most telling symptom of infection though, and I have no sign of that, as far as I know.
If I can just hang on another hour or so, I should be good.

I was going to mention a few things that you could do to fill in the time. Then I remembered that I'm currently filling in time by watching the following video.

So I've decided to keep my mouth shut.
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I had one hell of a dream last night, so strap yourselves in folks it's going to be a wild ride. Peony and I were in the bedroom...

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A few days ago, I ran out of my secret stash of caffeinated coffee that I ordered off of Amazon back in October. I've mentioned it before, but staff here refuses to buy me caffeine when they shop for me during the pandemic.

I've been trying to live the decaf life, but I've been having trouble staying awake or doing anything. I don't think I want any more coffee though. Gonna try this instant green tea mix I used to drink all the time before coffee instead. No idea what the caffeine content is, but I don't think it's zero.
I've been having trouble staying awake

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If it were diabetes, shouldn't I have fainted by now? It isn't something you can manage based on intuition alone.

I ate two medium pizzas yesterday, which is a relatively common event for me. All it did was make me nap a bit.
If it's diabetes then that could lead to amputation. Diabetes is very serious. If your feet or legs become black then you have big problems! I would not wait for that to happen.

I agree that diabetes cannot be managed on intuition. Due to addictions your intuition would be warped since long before you'd reach the point of diabetes.

The last time I had trouble with swollen feet, the staff here not only mentioned sodium, they recommended drinking a bunch of water to flush out my system.
It would be nice if it was that easy. They're running after the symptoms, mopping the floor while the faucet is still running.
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