Can I Trust Them?

Sphinxter said:
Please, he's almost old enough to serve and die for most countries, get him a caanoo. Maybe it'll even lead to a career in programming.

Do you mean Dingoo?

I found GP2X Caanoo from Wiki, the device's price is about US $ 150 (aug. 2010).
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Tiffany said:
Orion4874 said:
Tiffany said:
Emm```So, which one is the best choice? :(
gp2x?wiz?caanoo?dingoo? Ginge?
Ginge is a program, not a console. But for the money and everything it can do I'd get him a Dingoo. Now you just have to decide between an A320 or an A330. If you decide on this one check out They'll answer anything you need to know. I have an A320 and can vouch for it, and from what I've read it is still the preferred model as the A330 has had some issues.

Do you mean this? But I cannot find its price...
To my surprised, I also find the same one here
They look the same...
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Haha, the same model, three different prices and suppliers:;jsessionid=D918295A072306ED8EE1C8EE40CF18F0.qscstrfrnt05?productId=4&categoryId=5

But what are the differences among them besides the price. Anything else?