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Jan 31, 2006
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The Caring Corner is for discussion about things that trouble you in real life and should only be used as such.

Some rules and procedures that need to be followed here (which generally are real life rules to keep it friendly)

1. Keep it clean and to the point. (Keep your memes to absurdism corner / Communication Cube)
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4. Please use the report button if you feel a person is making you uncomfortable and we will address it if possible.

If you feel you are unsafe or you are wanting to self-harm please call emergency services for your country and follow advice from the operator.
If you're experiencing difficult but non emergency medical conditions in Great Britain, you can call 111. That doesn't operate the same in Northern Ireland, which I think uses the same number for Covid-19 advice only.

If your problem is more of an emotional variety, you might do better with advice from Befrienders Worldwide, who are known as Samaritans in the UK, and Lifeline in Australia and apparently in the US as well. But if you think this community can help, post here.
Some light reading.

Still been too tired to do my laundry. I checked my temp just now, and it's even higher than on Tuesday, when I was really feeling sick. At least I don't have bathroom issues right now, but that might just be because I'm dehydrated. My bed is full of sweat.

Also been having anger issues today, but it's stuff that outside of my control, so I'll do my best to endure it. The last time I told a psych about my anger was how I got put on Klonopin, and that didn't help at all. Made things worse, if anything.
Also been having anger issues today, but it's stuff that outside of my control, so I'll do my best to endure it.
Could be due to more of the sweating.
If you can't do anything about it, why worry? Just ride it out.
If you can do anything about it, why worry? Just do something about it.

Remember to open your window and get the bed dry again (good against fungal infections)

Glad you are breaking the fever.
My stomach was hurting a little bit, so I took my temp, and it was two degrees Fahrenheit below the human average. Not sure if my thermometer needs a new battery, or if that's just the anti-psychotic medication wreaking havoc.

At least I probably don't have COVID-19.
Amazon doesn't have any reputable SR41 batteries. This depresses me a bit.

My thermometer also requires you to pull out the circuit board to replace the battery. If you're not careful, you can break the wire connecting it to everything else. Fortunately, it still works for now.
I've recently realised just how much of a difference there is between old worse mental health me and current better mental health me.


In free time mostly just watches TV or sleeps.


In free time: Proofreads and formats books, contributes to the forums and wiki. Rates and reviews games, submits bug reports and encouragement to devs, contributes to forums. Uploads photos, likes others photos, follows other people. Has started creating own games.
At least I probably don't have COVID-19.
You don't know, maybe that's what your man-flu was, and you just have strong genes.
How many days did you have the fever?
I told people on Discord, but not here, that I was in the hospital a bit, from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon. It's nothing that should worry you guys though.

My nephew has more problems than me, but I'm worried about my older sister most of all. He got diagnosed as degenerating, or something. In a few years, he'll be even less functional than he is now. Definitely will be in a group home as an adult, maybe sooner. She's probably taking it pretty hard. Not that I talked to her about it, just heard from my dad.

Davecat is great. I would be an iDollator myself if it wasn't for a couple of things, when I was younger I didn't have the cash, and now I do I'm not allowed.
Really struggling with whether I should edit my photos or not. I think the best thing to do would be to compromise, keep the documenting things ones unedited and highly edit the others so that people can't mistake them as being unedited.

Example of edited photo.


Edit: Also just to be safe, I'd mark the edited photos as being edited in the accompanying comment and the unedited ones as being unedited.
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Yeah, whenever I edit my photos, they always end up slightly warmer than the camera thought the white balance should be. Maybe not that warm, but always on the warm/red side.
Bit of an update, I've decided to edit some of my photos in future. The ones that I do edit will be clearly marked as being edited, and the unedited ones will be clearly marked as being unedited. Peony was the one who tipped my hand, she mentioned (correctly) that I'd just end up making myself unhappy if I didn't at least give it a try.