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Løra (Lolla)

Empress of AquaLuna
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Mar 7, 2013
Surrey, England
Hey Everyone,

I figured since the OP community is such a warm, welcoming, caring community...we should have a 'Caring Corner'.

This is a place where if you're feeling sad or angry or just need to express your feelings, or even if you just need a hug, then you can do so here. 

This is a CARING thread, so the Rules are as follows:

No Judging

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say About What Someone Says - Then Please Don't Say It.

If You Feel You Can Offer Advice Or Just Want To Try To Help Others - Please Do So

Peace :)
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Nice initiative. But for now Im singing in the rain =)

Might mention.. its rainin at me here in Sweden.
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@Lolla: I wouldnt worry about me, but my computer wouldnt like it if we went outside and made a tango. Maybe you want to take a tango instead of my comp?
yeah feel better. i suppose it cant be worse than that Winter Vomiting Virus, thats really grim. Just getting over that myself, my body hates winter!
We're awaiting The Big Storm over here. Brits, it comes from your direction - How was it?
@Levi: Sorry, hun I didn't see  your message! Thank you very much :)

@Moxie: It was most disappointing, I was expecting a hurricane of sorts, or at least more wind than there was. Plenty of rain pounding the windows, but not much else. Unless..I just have good windows.....aaaand some guy fancied walking in the park in the wind/
Not to bad here (Cambridge).

Everything's covered in wet leaves, and a few boughs came off some of the weaker trees.

Lots of people falling off bicylces too...
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A stray dog came by my house this morning/night, howling and barking and making my dog bark all night, What Would Canadians Do in this situation? It seemed like it was a male, so it couldn't be a neighborhood bitch in heat, didn't have a tag on him, but hair on neck makes it look like it had a collar around it recently.
Well I stayed in because of the storm... and I'm still waiting for it... waste of a good Sunday >_>

PS The notion that you can catch a cold from cold weather or  rain is a kind of a running myth... You get a cold from the germs not from weather conditions.
It is somewhat worse here, though. Loads of roads closing down due to fallen trees or even fallen power cables across the roads. All trains closed down. A friend of mine just posted on facebook that his car just had been crushed under a fallen birch. Highest reading here (I have a wind meter on the roof) 28.9 m/s so far (slightly more than 100 km/h or 65-ish miles/h), and we're still some time away from the culmination...
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