A Request For Know-it-all's Who Shoot Down Posts They Don't Li

heh, post a charter.


Gp32x forum charter:

1) Be cool*
2) See (1).

* Means to use search as best you an before posting, don't post like an idiot, dont' respond like an idiot. Failure to be cool means you get banned.


In general these forums are very good, and I've read a lot of Nubie's posts in the past and he's usually very nice, he just seemed to have a bad one in that topic.

I certainly wouldn't say the forums have gone down the crapper/shitter/pooper. (Im not sure what I'm allowed to say or not, lets wait and see :D )
skeezix said:
heh, post a charter.
I don't have to, there already is one at the top of every forum :)

I think attacking new members for asking questions falls under both "being a jerk"
and "baselessly insulting other members". If not, there's always the blanket "anything else we deem worthy of punishment" to fall back on.

I'm not looking to go on a power trip and permaban everybody that steps afoul of any little rule, but GP32X is not 4chan. All I require is that everybody act like civilized humans instead of shit-flinging chimps. That is not too much to ask.
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Thanks Bramrash.

I did have a really crappy week ontop of a crappy year, so sorry for the lashout.

It is going much better, it seems that the OP of the other thread was just un-informed about the engineering problem.

He is looking into DIY with some help from a friend of his that has access to a 3D printer.

My attitude was way out of line, but my point was valid. I just had argued the point so much already that I lashed out.
Chip said:
I'd like to point out that being an asshole is not an "opinion" - It is a character flaw.
The best way to combat assholism is to be an asshole yourself! That is the golden rule!

No mercy on people too stupid to check the first page of a sub-forum before posting garbage. I mean seriously, is it so hard to click the damn first page topic list before making a thread? "No" is the answer.
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joa said:
I dunno,

I think every non objective post by poisonedV has had me in tears, He's a funny guy.

I mean, haven't you read his disclaimer Signature? :D
Heh. I tend to agree. There's a sense of humor and intelligence behind his posts. Plus he hasn't gone after me personally so it's all fun and games as long as I'm not the one getting stabbed. ;)

As for this thread, I think Skeezix broke it down the best. In an ideal world we all have Chip's level-head all the time, but in reality any time an existing forum gets a big influx of new users, you're gonna see some skirmishes. I have about 10+ years of modding message boards, and to some degree you can predict what's going to happen next.

I do know this much - whenever I join a new (for me) messageboard, I tread very lightly and quietly until I get a feel for the place and what's happened, and what is happening. It's like visiting someone's home for the first time - you should be polite and not run around the place, jump on their beds and start telling them how to improve their furniture tastes. Sure, the home owners shouldn't respond by punching you in the throat and throwing you out on your ass. But you'd understand if they felt like doing so.
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daclassicgamingmaster said:
Chip said:
I'd like to point out that being an asshole is not an "opinion" - It is a character flaw.
The best way to combat assholism is to be an asshole yourself! That is the golden rule!

No... that would lead to infinite recursion. Eventually the world is going to hit one hell of a stack overflow :blink:
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If people could all get along all the time we would be living in a utopia. There will always be those that rub others the wrong way and those that post flames just because they like an argument. People have freedom of choice and dont have to respond to the flamer. Sometimes this is the mature thing to do :)
chris_merris said:
If I'm the only person that feels this way, so be it, but I am sick and tired of those who feel it is their right or duty to go around belittling and criticizing others' ideas. They go around reading posts, and shoot down the ones they dislike for whatever reason, often insulting the intelligence or motives of the person who made the post. Often, these posts are made by people very new to the scene, who are very excited.

Instead of welcoming them and the added excitement these newcomers bring, you feel it is better to berate them. And then you want to talk about "community"? Community my butt. You wouldn't know "community" if it kicked you in the balls. Community is about welcoming and encouraging - taking the good that all have to offer, and being polite when there is disagreement, or you don't see any merit in their idea. It's not about throwing your weight around, and asserting your superiority over others just because you've read more posts than they have or you have a "GP32X Guru" or "Xtreme Team" logo under your name.

Did you ever hear the phrase, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."? You don't have to be a jerk to get your point across. Even if someone has a ridiculous idea, they don't deserve to be insulted.

So that's my request: have some decency and respect for your fellow human beings. You might realize it benefits you and this "community" much more than what you're doing now.
I've been a member here for a few years with occasional board participation. Other than a few heated discussions from people waiting for the Pandora, I've found people here to be pretty helpful and friendly.
There are very few people here who are consistently rude and most are quite helpful when people are having problems with their hardware or getting software to work. Overall, it seems to me to be an older crowd (well, older for video games) with helpful people and dedicated developers (especially considering they do it for free). There are always going to be differences of opinions and sometimes people say what they mean with words that sound mean, but they really aren't. Sometimes it's just difficulty with the language, since many people are not English [as a first language] speakers. There is little blatant rudeness.
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Chip said:
This all comes back to the golden rule of this forum - Don't be a jerk. If you're sick of answering redundant questions and can't do so in a civil manner, then don't respond at all. Somebody else will. There are still people here who try to do things the right way, so just let them take care of it. Anybody who insists on belittling new users after repeated warnings to behave themselves will get banned.

And before anybody starts crying about their opinions being censored, I'd like to point out that being an asshole is not an "opinion" - It is a character flaw. Whether you are proud of your inability to act like a grownup or not, you will still be held accountable for it. There are exactly three options available to you: Be nice, be quiet, or be gone.

You can't blame the owners/operators for feeling this way, after all, they are PAYING for bandwidth and other things. Many are donating their time for nothing etc, etc. This is why I have always felt that usenet is a better forum for free open discussion. You can always killfile people you don't like on usenet. But, like I said, the web boards are someone's property and you can't blame them for wanting to keep out spam and junk and people acting like assholes. Luckily, I don't think there are many people here who act like asses and get themselves censored. Realistically, only the government can truly censor, after all, you can always take your opinions to another web board who may be more tolerant of stuff. I do think that overall, gp32x.de does meet a pretty good middle ground between usenet and highly controlled.
And like chip says, you can always go somewhere else if you don't like it.

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