Taking Pre-Orders For Gph Caanoo

Jul 30, 2010
Ok it’s time for the pre-order of the second batch of the Caanoo so step right up and be the first to make your pre-order for the second batch.

I know it's a little pricy but lets get down too it; It competes with Pandora now about only thing missing from Caanoo is keyboard and that can be done virtually so it's damn close.

Make your order by the 15th of September that is the latest I can take a pre-order for second batch.

Release of the second batch of Game Park Holdings Caanoo is slated for the 3rd week of September so make sure you get your pre-order in today...

Another Question was asked yes I will be shipping this worldwide if for some reason the shipping cost is too much via the automated shipping calculation ordering on the website just e-mail me at Sales@Dingoo-Digital-USA.com and I'm sure we can work out a way of payment and cheaper shipping....

Click Here to Pre-Order your Game Park Holdings Caanoo Today!!!

Verified as a Authorized Reseller of Game Park Holdings Products: http://www.fungp.com/product/engProductBuyInfo.asp

CPU: ARM9E 533MHz + 3D GPU

RAM: 128MB

NAND: 128MB for OS only all other software/ports/games will need to run off of SD/SDHC

External Memory Slot: SD/SDHC (Currently tested to 32GB when SDXC comes out possibly higher then 32GB)

Display: 3.5" LCD 320*240

Fun Factors: Vibration Motor/ G Sensor

Dimension: 146(w) X 70(h) X18.5 (d) in mm

Weight: 136g

OS: Linux

Game/OS: Open Platform

(No Flash player nor Flash lite 2.1)

Video: MPEG4, MPEG, Xvid, Divx, Avi

Audio: OGG, WAV, MP3

Photo/Pictures: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG

E-Book: TXT

Network: Wi-Fi via dongle sold separately



Battery: Internal 1850mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

Color: Blue/Black, White

Games that will be available on release of the Game Park Holdings Caanoo:

Click Here for Games that will be available on release date of the Caanoo

Video Clip Links of Caanoo in action:

Interview by Global Marketing with GPH about the Caanoo

GPH Caanoo Network Game Play

GPH Motion Control Demo
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That's fantastic news! I'm glad the US finally has a distributor for the Caanoo. Any news when you'll be getting your stock in?
Indeed, but please change the specification: The Caanoo has only 128MB NAND, not 2GB. GPH changed this spec recently. The NAND is for the OS only and not available for the user....
This means caanoo is gonna be big holly smoke we can get some decent ports of emulaters soon still waiting for my pandora on batch 2 in que 90-120 caanoo will keep me going untill then
The shipment will be here first part of August no set date as of yet. Looking forward to it can't wait to get my hands on one.... Still have much love for the Dingoo-Digital A320 and Dingoo-Tech A330 but want to branch out to other devices and make the store and support grow for portable open platform gaming devices ;)
good idea what about dingoo.co.uk will they sell them too ?
Dingoo.CO.UK is a good friend I'm not sure if he will choose to sell the Caanoo or not hope he does would be helpful for everyone in Europe.

But unsure at this point what he will do not even sure if he carries the A330...

Either way I will be shipping worldwide on both the A330 and the GPH Caanoo....
Nice, you have it for $10 cheaper than play-asia. I'll have to keep your store in mind.

Also, cheaper shipping too.

I was looking to see if gp2xstore.com was gonna stock the caanoo but haven't heard anything from them.

You should contact gph to get listed on their fungp.com page with other distributors.
^ gp2xstore told me that they'd be stocking it a while ago. Not sure what happened there.
I guess maybe I mis-underestimated the demand for the GPH Caanoo haven't had one pre-order for it yet. So is life I guess but hopefully the demand will pickup and I will get some pre-orders for it...
Maybe because when people try and order they get this:

quartercast what country are you from very very few countries are blocked from being able to order from my website
Well sorry for the issue I think I resolved the issue now hopefully I have also changed the link above to fix the issue.... So shipping costs etc should show now....
if anyone can figure out how it works,thislooks like the best spot for a preorder. it's their official site. i just can't read it!
I'm sure there is demand but people might not be as sure about your store compared to some other places. You just announced that you are taking orders for the caanoo and you aren't listed on the fungp site so I'd give it a little time.
Well good news they will list me on the fungp.com website as a reseller in the United States one draw back is they want 50 pre-orders and the money for them by August 6th, 2010 with the cpital I have I can get about half way there so really need to generate 25 pre-orders quickly. I will be posting all the accessories and a model with the game pack already included with it.